Habinshuti KajibwamiAJ KalsnesR

Habinshuti KajibwamiAJ KalsnesR&W 03
Assignment due date 09/04/17
The Movie House
It was like scene in my childhood, I began to help my parent when I was aged 8. I was interested to clean everything which was dirty even I clean the outside the neighbors’ houses in that age liked games such as football and karate. The neighbors became sad because their children were not interested to do so. One day I went to play football with my friends, my neighbor told his child to kick me strongly in order my legs can be broken, when they made that decision my best friend was around of them, he heard what they were talking about, he came to inform me what they decided to do so, I was scared but I tried to play with them, when the game remained five minutes to be over, he kicked me I moved my legs back, he fell down he broken his back bone he and he said “is my father who taught me bad behavior to kick my friend” I came close to him he was with his father I told to them that “negative mind will you negative life” and “positive mind will you positive life” and the game was over everybody who was there he/she learnt about the event and they went to tell their parents about what they saw in the game.