In the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose is reviewed from the New York Times of the article of “Dancing With the Devil

In the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose is reviewed from the New York Times of the article of “Dancing With the Devil, Then with a Prosecutor” by A.O Scott, he says “is a horror movie wrapped in a courtroom drama” it is mainly what the film is all about. The whole film is mainly during a court trial. From the Washington Post of the review from the “Freed Spirits” by Stephen Hunter, she says “With a cast like this, The Exorcism of Emily Rose is a superior performance vehicle and, on that count, alone is never less than riveting.” It is true the cast is not a famous cast at the time of the movie but that is what made it more interesting because then the audience would think that they used some of the real people that are in the film.
In the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose the director, Scott Derrickson chose the actors like Jennifer Carpenter that played out Emily Rose who is a normal girl going to college and she started having weird symptoms such as seeing things and hearing things. Then she is taken back to her house because she could not be in school anymore. Her friend took her who is Jason presented by Joshua Close. When Jason brought Emily to her house things got worse and she started eating insects. She started having abnormal body dysfunctions such as arching her back to a place a normal human being cannot. Then she died during the exorcism. Father Moore that is doing the exorcism is taken into custody his name is Tom Wilkinson who represents him. He tries to share the story of Emily Rose and why she kept trying to live. Then Erin Burner his lawyer tries to help him, so he will not be in jail and she is represented by Laura Linney. She is being followed by the demons and the whole trial case they are talking about Emily Roses situation and how it led to the exorcism. Then at the end, the exorcism is shown and the person that is trying to put Father Moore in jail Ethan Thomas represented by Campbell Scott that it is all to kill Emily Rose because she stopped taking the medication. Emily Rose’s story is told completely, and Father Moore is guilty but is a free man. It is a scary movie a lot of suspense, crime, drama, horror, and there is some bio.
The genre suspense is used in some parts of the film because it is mostly about the trial the whole time. There is a lot of creepy music and a lot of canted angles. Every time the music would get loud the canted angles would start. When the camera would follow Emily, it would be a canted angle and it would lead up to a suspense making the audience try to be ready for something to come out behind her. When Emily went walking in the fog by a tree. She laid on the grass and saw herself dead. The scary music, the slamming of the dorm door from “the wind” and then she closed it and her dorm room door slammed also. Then the cup of pens on her dresser started shaking and moving on their own and her blankets are falling off by themselves. Felt like something will come out from under the bed. The time Father Moore and Erin smelled burnt just like Emily did. This genre suspense did fit it completely, but it is not the main genre of the film.
At the beginning of the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose, it starts off with the genre being crim because there is someone that dies for no natural causes and the police officers take in Father Moor into custody. A lawyer is talking to Father Moore to convince into going with the trial He does, and the case starts. They are in court; the whole film is about the court trial. The court is putting Father Moore as being guilty because he suggested Emily to stop taking the medication. The trial had a lot of testimonies and evidence that Father Moore is not guilty. The court is convinced that Father Moore is not spiritually guilty but by the court, he is guilty but is let free. The film is mainly about crime the court is trying to prove that Father Moore is guilty of the death of Emily Rose.
There is some drama in the film like when the court thinks that Father Moor went against her will to kill her, but it is to save her life. Ethan Thomas thinks that Emily Rose did have medical conditions, but Father Moore says that she did not have medical condition; it is spiritual. Father Moore wants to testify, and Erin is saying ok but to wait. The Archivist does not want Father Moore to testify. Emily spoke languages fluently that she did not know, and the court says that she learn those languages from school. Van Hopper is Erin’s last case and he is set free but then she finds out that he did the same crime again by killing someone. Her boss tells Erin that if Father Moore testifies she will be fired and her partnership will be lost from the firm. She lets Father Moore testify. It caused drama because when her boss heard Father Moore is going to testify he leaves the courtroom. The only doctor Erin needed for the case and the most important person to have as evidence dies right in front of her and she loses her evidence. She does not know what to do now. The drama is normally when Erin needed people to testify and when Emily’s situations being told as if she is a crazy person who had mental issues.
There is some horror, but it mostly happened outside of the courtroom when they would talk about the history of Emily Rose and her events. When Emily Rose is being attacked by a paranormal being. When Father Moore says, “Powerful sources in this trial.” The guy in class with Emily and his eyes turned dark and gooey stuff came down on his face. Emily is bending her back to an abnormal position. Emily is praying in her room but eating a spider and had bugs all around her that are dead. Then she gets up and kneels back down then kneels again in one movement, she screams and pulls out her hair. She starts speaking another language and is stiff. She scratches the priest and she talks to the priest and the priest talks back to her in the same language. The priest is Father Moore. When Erin wakes up to her name being called and goes to her living room and the recorder is turned on with the recording of the exorcism and a scary voice is on. There is lightning while all this is happening. Before the exorcism Father Moore sees blood going down the windows and on the glass painting eyes. The sacred paintings he sees a person in black next to them. It had a lot of horrors because I am jumping the whole time and was covering myself because of what is happening every second. You had to have your eyes open the whole time to understand what is happening and to know if something is going to come up. It is scary because Emily Rose had six demons inside her. It fits Psychological Horror because of the stuff that is happening to Emily Rose, like the hearing of weird things, seeing evil faces, her eating insects. Also, physiological because she is taking medication for having schizophrenia. There are a lot of parts where it is dark and that is when the bad stuff starts to happen and become scary. The colors are not vibrant, mostly colors that are dull like brown and black that is when it is the happy times is when Emily got the letter of acceptance and they are in her sister’s room but after that there are no vibrant colors. To show the movie more scarier and to show it is all serious business talk. The lightning and rain made it even scarier and how they used the horses in the film like the demons are scaring the horses to come out of the barn. There are stairs at the hose and at the house of Father Moore when he saw the bloody paintings. The long shots are when she is running at her campus to get to the church and how Jason sees Emily trying to get the cross, but her body will not let her. Then another long shot is at the barn it shows everything and all who attended the exorcism.
The bio is mostly because this is based on a true story just that they made it into a film about the trial of the girl and the priest that is in the exorcism. The real name of Emily Rose is Anneliese Michel. Annelise is the actual name of the girl that had the exorcism and all the events that happened to her. There are films about her and real-life tapes. To keep her name confidential for the sake of the family.

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