Are black cats really evil

Are black cats really evil? Are black cats good luck? Many people have different superstitious beliefs that black cats are bad luck while others believe that they are good luck. People believed they were bad luck, that the cats were associated with witches, that black cats are bad luck crossing your path, and black cats could even gossip people’s personal business.However, even though many people believed that black cats were bad luck, many others believed that they could bring good fortune.
The black cat superstition that they were bad luck started around the 1560’s in Lincolnshire, in the east midland of England. There was a father and son that had been traveling in the pitch black moonless night. While the son and father were walking, a black cat crossed their path. When they saw the black cat, they threw rocks and stones at the cat . One day later, the father and son were walking again, but they noticed a woman nearby that was limping and bruised as if she was hit by the rocks and stones. They believe that the lady was a witch who turned into a cat a night, which made people believe black cats are indeed, bad luck.The belief that a black cat transformed into witches became an idea in America during the times of the Salem witch hunts.
Many people believe that the black cat’s evilness causes death to come early, and that the devil is in your presence. It was told that the devil sent the black cats to assist the witches in their evil duties. The devil brought the black cats to let the witches transform into a them and to sneak around and cast spells on unsuspected people. Because the people believed the black cats were from devils and believed people were witches, more than 25 million people were killed.
Black cats have long been associated with witches and witchcraft.For several decades, witches were rounded up, tied, and killed by burning or other violent methods. Often, their families were killed along with them if people believed that someone’s family member was a witch. Because people believed their were witches and that black cats were evil, people started witch hunts.Many people had the belief that witches could turn into black cats in the total of 9 times. And were frightened.The first witch hunts started around 1645-1663, a few years later The Salem witch trials began.The witch trials began around 1692-1693 in a small town in Massachusetts, killing many people and black cats.
Anyone who was caught with a black cat would be severely punished or even killed. The people viewed the black cat as part demon and part sorcery. Many christians in early Europe gathered up black cats to burn them at festivals and events to punish and kill them for their devilish ways, and to prove their devotion to God. If any christian thought anything was evil, they would try their best to destroy it. The reason why christians started the burnings is because around the time of 1233 AD, Pope Gregory declared black cats as the “devil himself”, which made christians scared and worried, killing and harming many black cats.

Many countries believed their own beliefs when it came to black cats as bad luck.During the 16th-century in Italy, people believed that if someone was sick, they would die if a black cat laid on to their bed. However people believe black cats are bad luck people in Asia and the U.K., believe that blacks cat is considered lucky. In England, it is considered lucky to own a black cat, but however, it is unlucky to have one cross your path like many people still believe. In North America,people believe it is unlucky to have a black cat to cross your path, but lucky if a white cat crosses your path.
In Scotland, they believe that if a black cat appears on your porch is a bad sign as well as a good sign. In means prosperity is coming soon . In Italy, although they have bad luck superstitions, it is believed if you hear a black cat sneeze, you will have good luck for a while. In Netherlands, black cats are not allowed in the room during a private family talk, because it is said they will gossip their news, however if you kill a black cat, you will have up to 17 years of bad luck!
In ancient Egypt, in the time around 3100 BC to 390 AD, black cats were seen as good luck.Black cats were worshiped, sacred, and praised. The goddess Basset’s image at first was a fierce image.Over years of having a fierce image as a goddess, she became in love with cats. She became peaceful, loveable, and graceful towards cats.Although she had softened up, she was still a strong leader.Many looked at the goddess Basset as that she had a black cat head with a human body.
In ancient Egypt,they would bury the black cat within the family toumbs. The family would take time to mourn the black cats death just like you would to a human. If anyone in ancient Egypt killed a black cat it would have been charged as a capital offense and that person would more than likely be killed.Many women would wear jewelry with a black cat on them. The number of black cats women would wear would tell people how many children she desired, and the black cat necklace would be good luck for that woman.
In the U.K.,many couples believed that black cats could bless a marriage.Many people gave brides black cats so that her and her spouse would have a great, blessed marriage. Although not everyone gave black cats out as gifts, couples would shortly after their wedding go adopt one to assure that their marriage is blessed.
In Japanese cultures, they believe in the superstition that black cats could bring good fortune.Not only did they believe that the actual cat itself could bring good fortune, but Japanese people held black cat figurines with paws sitting up, statues or anything that symbolized a black cat.Japanese people believed having black cats around would bring them and their family wealth. Not only did they believe it could bring their family wealth, but having black cats, or anything that symbolized them protected peoples family and theirseleves of any harm or evil that they may could encounter. Single women in japan believe having a black cat or a statue to represent a black cat would assure of a boyfriend or a husband with a happy relationship. However, if a single woman stepped on a black cat’s tail, she would not find a spouse until 12 -15 months.
Not only did the Japanese people believe that black cats could protect people, but so did many others. Many people believed that black cats held powerful “magic”. It was told that their “magic” powers were good. Many people believed if you made a black cat happy, took care of it, and gave it love and protection, that they would do the same in return. If people did not have and advantage to a black cat in their house, it is told that having a black cat figurine facing the north could bring the same amount of good luck and protection as a black cat.Australians and british people also believed that the color of the black cat protected them from negative energy.
Many japanese preferred their short tail black cats because they believed they more less likely to bewitch humans. They believed the cats that bewitched humans were mainly the ones with a long tail. Many people in parts Japan and other parts of the world killed any black cat that they believed could bewitch any human.
It is also told that the superstition of respecting black cats could also bring good fortune. Many people believed if you gave the black cat the same advantages as humans (ex: making them food, having a nice place to sleep, always making sure they have a home) that they would bring money your way. Black cats were known as the “money cats” for bringing good wealth.
Through the 17th centuries to the 20th centuries there was a superstition that people in Europe and Ireland believed. The superstition that they believed was that black cats protected sailors on their way across waters. Many sailors assured that they would have a safe journey as they traveled as long as black cats were on the ship traveling with them. Black cats were always found on the ships, sailors believed that the black cat could protect them of any pest on the ship. Sailor’s wife and children also had black cats at home believing that they would assure that their sailor returned home safely.
Although people believed black cats were good luck on ships, some sailors had mixed opinions. Many sailors believed they were good luck, but if a black cat walked onto the ship, walked back off, they believed that the ship would sink. Many people also believed that if a fisherman was out at seas, having a black cat at home would provide good luck and good news to the fisherman’s wife. They believe it would assure that the fisherman returned home safe.
In Germany, many people believe that black cats can be good and bad luck. There is an old superstition about the ways black cats cross your path depending on if you have good or bad luck.People believe if a black cat crosses your path from left to right that it is bad luck,however if a black cat crosses your path from right to left that that will bring you good fortune.
Although Germany has a simple superstition about black cats now, they did not during witch trials.The people of Germany has a lot of beliefs about the black cat, but one dealing with a witch. It is told that there was an witch in Germany who lied,stole,gave threats out to the priest, and yelled at the judge. Many people believed she was a black cat at night and a witch during the day. Soon after people believed this, she was taken away from the courts and got burned at stake.
A few centuries ago, many people started believing if you see a white hair on a pure black cat that is a sign of good luck. It is told that if you can get the piece of white hair off the cat without it harming you, good luck and fortune will be your way. You will have a great long marriage filled with happiness.
In some countries, it is told that dreaming of black cats could bring you good luck. Even though some people believe its good luck, there is a superstition that it could also be bad luck. Some people believe if you dream of a black cat, it indicates you are experiencing fear, and that it could bring bad luck your way. Many people believe that if you have a dream of a black cat that you need to watch out for bad fortune.
In the 1800’s, many people believed that black cats were associated with anarchism. The black cat became the symbol for anarchism because of their alert ways. They became associated with anarcho syndicalism, a group for workers rights. They wanted spark for revolution for Revolutionary Industrial Unionist, and believed the black cat was good luck and could do it.
In ancient times, people believed that if you seen a black cat in the morning, it was bad luck. However, even though people believed seeing them in the morning and night was bad luck, seeing them at any other times of the day would bring good fortune. Many people did not want to go out early mornings to avoid having bad luck.
People also believe if there were a black cat in the audience before a play, it would assure a successful play.Many theatre people,actors,and actresses always hoped to see one in the audience. They respected the black cat and would mention them after performances. Many people who did not have a black cat during the play messed up and were nervous throughout the whole play. If anyone tried to kick the black cat, very bad fortune would come to that actor or actress.
Not only kicking a black cat was bad luck in theatres, but it was also believed to be bad luck for anyone who dared to kick it. People believed that the devil would harm whoever kicked or even tried to drown the black cat. After people believed this, years later many people throughout the world had every strong respect for cats.
Many people were scared of black cats because the superstition that black cats could hypnotise humans and make them do bad things. They were afraid that black cats could even kill humans by taking control of their mind. Many people were put to death if others found out that people were hypnotised.
Although many people have different superstitions that they believe in, many people still are afraid of black cats. Today, many black cats are still killed in some countries. Many countries still believe that black cats are good fortune. Many people still have statues and figures of black cats to assure them good luck.

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