Good aggression is often well learned in sports and it be carried over into life and even to workplace

Good aggression is often well learned in sports and it be carried over into life and even to workplace. When people learn about good aggression, it enables them to stand up for their beliefs and rights without injuring other people. Other sports allow aggression behaviors so that they can succeed in the game or it helps to improve the performance and they are rewarded for victory like, boxing. It maybe a father who becomes aggressive towards his child because he wanted him to win and that signals the child to be able to work harder and win.
In hockey players, there is more aggression which is measured by penalty minutes than non-aggression players. Because aggression is allowed in this game, so they have to be trained on how to perform it. Both teams are trained and reminded even before the start of the game what they will expect during playing. The other important thing of aggression in sports is that the team can gain penalties and also if the player was being aggression to their opponent, he will be suspended immediately and the other team will have a chance to defeat them because they are less.
However, on the other side, there is a negative aggression, where by one’s intent Is to harm or injure the other person. This can be towards another player or fans of the other team. The most likely targets for aggression are officials, women, young entrants and athletes who are victims of racial bias. Negative aggression comes in because a player is frustrated, insulted or his team lost the game. Although aggression is not intended, but because it is not allowed in the game, it is taken as aggression. Games differ and what you would call and emotion and energy in one sport can be seen as an assault in other games for example, a full of tickle in football would be seen as aggression in basketball. Emotion and energy in a game within rules can be assertive behavior because it is a goal directed that does not break the rule of the game because it is not intended to harm anybody.
Aggression may cause to head injury that will cause confusion and it can lead to traumatic brain damage, so the aggression in sports not a good idea because these players are rising a concern of treatment protocols. Due to aggression, lot places are being suspended which makes the team to lose their best player and it may cause the team to be weak because one other member has been suspended. For example, Luis the Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini during the 2014 world cup in Rao was suspended from sport for a record of four months and fined.
There are reasons that causes of aggression to sports. It is found that aggression happens in sports because the player found that they are losing and not playing well, they are hurt and perceiving unfairness in the competition. Also, if there are bad coaches in the team, it can contribute to aggression. The venue contributes to aggression too because most of the time you find out if the team is away from home, they are more aggression. Verbal persuasion is another way of contributing to aggression because it is identified as the instigator of aggression. Frustration is the one that makes one’s predisposing towards aggression. The idea comes to play so that the manner in which an individual interprets the situation cues at hand best predicts whether this athlete will exhibit aggression. When there is not enough security during sports are also the cause of violence and aggression in games. Security barriers are removed by many sports clips and their own security guards are not sufficient to protect aggression behaviors, for example in football matches they lack security measures that results in unexpected events which have a huge damage for fans and clubs.
It becomes a major progress of the child being who he is as although he is growing up, the cognitive development for example aggression can change to non-aggression due to personality changes as they age. Aggression is found to be learned from early childhood by observing and intimidating the behaviors of others and observing the consequences of particular actions. Most of the time, children will observe the aggression behaviors and use it as a role model as an example of copying from these role models that comes from sports and the child start thinking to be like the role mode.
From the videos we watched in class, from my research, I disagree to have a game where by there is aggression because someone can get hurt even if it was not meant to be intentional. Also, if there if a sport where they allow aggression like in hockey, most parents do not want their children to get involved into that sport. I learned that problems with trash talk occur when athlete let it affect their mental control. During the heat of the dealing with trach talk, it can lead to frustration and aggression which can be avoided as they are the causes of aggression. I believe that if kids watch these aggressions on televisions, they will think that it is okay to do so and they will start practicing because they want to be celebrities too. So, the way they can reduce theses aggression behaviors is through addressing the issue with their athletes. Even if there are aggression allowed in some sports, these players need to be taught early on how to play tough but clean. They also need to develop the ability to exercise self-control even when provoked, whether intentionally or not. The activity that is done according the rules should be reinforced and those that do not follow should be eliminated from the game or penalized immediately.
However, athletes and fans alike should be taught that careless aggression aimed at injuring or harming someone will immediately mess up the performance of the aggressor. There are those offenders known to cause aggression, they should be denied the admission into the game and the ones who make trouble should be monitored closely. The fans start aggression because sometimes they are stopped. Also, the media is repeating the aggression over and over till the kids understands it better on how it is supposed to be done, so the acts like this the media need to help not to look upon the aggressive acts by players or the fans. It does not seem that the punishment is having any intended effect because after the suspension over the players start again the same aggression. For example, Tyson, from boxing but finally was disqualified.