The culture I chose to explore was the Cherokee Native American tribe

The culture I chose to explore was the Cherokee Native American tribe. Explorers in the 16th century the Cherokee Indians have been identified as the most socially and culturally Native American tribe. The Cherokees thrived hundreds of years before the first European contact in the United States. In 1829 gold was discovered in George. This made them want the Indians moved more. The Cherokee were Indians were already having a “Indian Removal” by the settlers, prospectors, and others. Over a thousand of the Cherokee Indian families where rounded up to be removed at the order of President Andrew Jackson. The Cherokee Indians was forced to march 1,000 miles to get to “Indian Territory” which is a part of the state of Oklahoma. The Cherokee Indians rebuilt their communities. The new capital co the Cherokee Indians was Tahlequah with Park Hill this became the major hub for businesses and cultural activity.
I chose this culture because I live close to a Cherokee Indian Reservation and I have two kids that are a part of the Cherokee Indian Tribe.
A folkway is the boys would sleep on panther skins to get the animal’s strength and courage. The girls would sleep on doe skin to make them more graceful. The parents slept on cane mattresses’
An important value in the culture is the Cherokee Indians have a Pow Wow on Thanksgiving showing, sharing, and giving thanks to what they have. They have the different dances with the dancers dress for different meanings, booths with Indian food, booths with Indian music, booths with things they make, etc. Thousands of people attend and Cherokee Indians from all over the United States attend.