The Sports Fanatic essays

Sports have played a role in the lives of millions of people all over the world. For some people, the stint is brief. For others, sports are not just hobby but become a way of life – a part of who they are. Some people reach a level of love and obsession for a team or individual athlete that it starts to control who they are and take over their lives. It becomes more than just a game, or just cheering on their favorite team. These people are usually known as sports fanatics. They are pretty easy to point out at the games. They are the ones yelling obscenities at other fans or players. They’re the shirtless ones with painted chests in 15 degree weather. You;ll find them angry all week because their favorite team has lost the week prior. So why people are fanatically interested in playing and watching sports? While I don;t consider myself a fanatic, sports have been a part of who I am and what I love. Here;s a brief look into why my passion for sports continues to be a part of my life.
Our text states that, ;organized sports have become popular because children see them as enjoyable and culturally valued activities that will gain them acceptance from peers and parents alike (Coakley 2009). I began to participate in organized team sports when I was three years old. It was tee-ball and my love for sports just grew from there. Over the years, I played football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and was on the local swim team. Sports weren;t something I just did, but had become a part of me. It was for the love of playing the game, as well as bonding with teammates that became lifelong friends. Sports did build my character and implemented valuable qualities that I continue to use in everyday life. They taught me teamwork, communication, and gave me a sense of accomplishment. I loved the competition and always strove to be better. It was safe to say my life revolved around sports.
This trend continued once I reache…

Sample Business Resume (1) essays

5555 Electric Ave. #1 San Diego, CA 55555
Educator Experienced Head Camp Counselor BA Degree in Spanish/Chicano Studies…Certificated Teacher
Proven leadership skills as Head Camp Counselor for approximately 200 campers. Track record of interacting effectively with youth, parents, families and other staff. Particularly skilled at consensus building and negotiating resolution of complex issues. Bachelor of Arts from Claremont McKenna College with a dual major in Spanish and Chicano Studies.
Excellent communicator, works well within a team
TeacherOctober 2009 – Current
Teacher of ESL Reading, ESL Writing, English, and Spanish at high school level
Teacher of 5th grade (multiple subjects) and 7th grade English.
Weekly communication with students' families to address concerns and monitor progress
Work primarily in low-income neighborhood schools with significant at-risk student populations
Collaboration with colleagues to create lesson and unit plans
Visiting TeacherOctober 2005 – 2009
Instructed at all levels PreK-12 including GATE, Seminar, ESL, Bilingual and PACE program experience. Worked as long-term (> four weeks) visiting teacher in PACE 1st/2nd grade class as well asfirst, third, and fifth grade classrooms, curriculum design, communication with families, and management of IEPs.
Head Camp Counselor and Program Staff Summers: 2003-2006
Managed horseback riding programs at all skill levels for week-long sessions (ages 6-17)
Planned and oversaw daily and nightly activities for an average of 200 children per week

The Fat Food Movement essays

Did you know that the average American goes out to eat four to five times a week? Many of us have made stopping to get a burger or stopping at a fast food restaurant a part of our daily routine. Fast food is typically inexpensive, served quickly and requires no clean up at the end of a busy work day. And, above all, most fast food is delicious!
Even though fast food is inexpensive, convenient and tasty, it is far from a healthy alternative to a home-cooked meal built on the four basic food groups. People who eat a lot of fast food should be very concerned about their health. It’s easy to forget (or overlook) how unhealthy fast foods is but it would be prudent to remember that eating healthy foods not only makes us feel better, it also reduces our risk of disease or other physical ailments, and certain health conditions, maintains or lowers weight and improves the condition of your body.
Ever since I can remember growing up in my family, we always ate healthy. My mother practiced good health habits. Every time she cooked, she would always have a colorful meal. The meals would consist on colorful vegetables like green beans, peas, or corn as well as a protein and a grain. I loved when she would cook Spanish rice with steak and green beans. I would always go back for seconds. My mother found a way to keep us getting the daily nutrition we needed to stay healthy.
Eating healthy does not always have to be the simplistic way people describe it. Many people think that eating healthy is expensive and boring. No one likes to eat fruit and vegetables all day.However, it does not have to be all boring and it is not expensive. My mother always found a cheap way of changing up the theme. For instance, she would cook cabbage, corn bread, and chicken. She would throw some spices in the cabbage and it would taste amazing – like something I never tasted.Going to the grocery store, this would be around seven dollars and would last about th…

International Relations in the Olympic Games essays

International relations political theorist arguments can be found in both the newspaper articles "Olympic Arrogance" in The New York Times by Jules Boykoff and Alan Tomlinson and "Are Olympic Missiles Just for Show?" in BBC News UK by Stephen Dowlin, and as well as in the film made by Get Set To Go for Truce, produced for the London 2012 Olympics. Jules Boykoff and Alan Tomlinson take a Critical paradigm view of certain aspects of the Olympic games as they focus on how the International Olympic Committee came to be and who is it serving; Stephen Dowling in the other hand focuses on the necessity of the anti-aircraft missiles, part of the security measures for the Games; and the video shows the positive impact of what can happen when countries agree to work together through the Olympic Truce. The topic each deals with, combined with the way their facts and arguments were sustained make the 3 arguments very persuasive.
Jules Boykoff and Alan Tomlinson criticize the Olympic games in their The New York Times news article "Olympic Arrogance", arguing that the International Olympic Committee is "elitist, domineering and crassly commercial at its core", with the purpose of turning the Olympics into a commercial bonanza. Both authors focus on the main IR Critical theory question of how did it came to be and who does it serve and through giving the reader a brief critical analysis on the history of the I.O.C, they point out that since the 1980's the Organization has been ran by the wealthy and affluent, only allowing women in after 1981, periodically marked by scandals of bribing, interfering with freedom of speech through police enforced censorship in the host city and mayor commercialization of the Games.
The authors continue to criticize the competitions with a high cost such as the equestrian events and Greco-Roman wrestling that make it hard for countries to host the Olympics and underlay…

Parental Leave Policies essays

New parents in the U.S. are guaranteed their jobs for 12 weeks after the arrival of a new baby. The law requires larger employers and public agencies to provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave, a continuation of health benefits for the birth or adoption of a child, or to care for an opposite-sex spouse, a parent or a child who has fallen ill. The law only requires companies with 50 or more employees to comply to get the benefits and employees must also have worked for the company for at least a year and logged 1,250 hours within the last 12 months. However some employees do not have to be paid during that time and are not offered the same benefits if they are part of a small company.
How do US policies compare with those of 2 other countries?
As stated in the New York Times article "In Paid Family Leave, U.S. Trails Most of the Globe", most of Europe and Central Asia provide 26 weeks or more of paid leave for mothers. In Switzerland, women are allowed 14 weeks of maternity leave and receive 80% of their usual earnings. France, Germany and Spain provide mothers at least 3 years of parental leave. Also in Sweden, parents are given 480 paid days per child, to be shared between them and used anytime before the kid turns eight.
How do policies on parental leave influence gender equity in the workplace?
Gender Equity is the fairness of treatment by gender, which may be equal treatment or treatment which is different but which is considered equivalent in terms of rights, benefits, obligations and opportunities. Social expectations have been that women will take on most, if not all, childcare responsibilities. The policies on parental leave are designed differently when it comes to men versus women. As stated in the New York Times article, in the United States the birth parent can take paid leave their put in the position where they are forced to follow societies traditional gender roles. The text shows in chapter 42, that fa…

Assessment of Holden Caulfield – The Catcher in the Rye essays

"When major negative life events occur, or more serious or prolonged problems arise, coping becomes progressively more difficult." (Mental Health Continuum)
After many sessions with Holden I was able to determine his physical and mental health. At initial patient profile it was determined that Mr. Caulfield is a 17-year-old boy who goes to Pency Prep Boarding School. He has failed out of many schools and doesn't seem to care about much of anything. As I noticed, many of Mr. Caulfield's problems are caused by his inability to grow up, come to terms with death, not be jealous, find his identity, and learn to interact in a social setting. He learns many lessons the hard way, and he is especially shaped through the experiences of a few days of freedom. Holden has shown signs of improvement after initial patient profile. Mr. Caulfield has continued to evolve his outlook on society. He has taken more of a positive stance on his own life. Holden discussed his feelings about trying to protect children from change, and hiding from his problems. Before the therapy initiated, Holden's view on his life was extremely different. He had a inner conflict. Mr. Caulfield revealed that his younger brother Allie's death was a traumatic experience in his life due to being so close.
At the time of the patient's initial session, it was noticed that the patient did not want to participate. It seemed that all of his comments were negative. He seemed to be fascinated with the ducks in a pond and a museum he went to when he was younger. The patient discussed that his parents were always busy when he was a child, and that he became very close with his siblings. He also showed signs close mindedness. He mentioned several times that most people in the world are phonies, and that children are innocent.
The patient appeared to be lonely before the therapy had withstood. He was convinced that he needed to isolate himself …

Analysis Report for Golazo Expansion essays

Golazo is a local Seattle company that started in October 2010 by co-founders Richard Tait and Alex Rosnast in order to provide energy and sports drink goods. The name Golazo came from the Spanish word meaning a brilliant goal in soccer (Golazo, 2010). Often, passionate soccer fans scream this word to celebrate their favorite team's goal. The vision of the co-founders is "we are the passion brand for soccer. With the ball as our compass we will create a platform for human potential and the belief that everyone is born to score!" (Golazo, 2010)With that, Golazo offers energy drinks and sports hydration drinks that have all natural ingredients with Latin-inspired flavors that target people who are passionate for the sport and enjoy Latin culture. The company operates mostly in the Seattle area, but has recently expanded its products to the Southern California region. Unfortunately, Golazo has no global strategies because of the company's young age. In order to share their vision to all, our marketing team, International Prestige, has adopted a market research plan on globally expanding Golazo. For this project, we will be focusing on their energy drink products.
Due to the fact that Golazo's target segments are those who love soccer and the Latin culture, we have decided to research doing business in the Latin American market; some of the country options are Argentina and Brazil. These countries were chosen for the study because they are emerging countries, their main language is Spanish and their citizens are known for their passion for soccer. By analyzing the demographics, culture, language, population and ethnic groups, International Prestige will make a decision on a country that would be a fit for Golazo's expansion.
Brazil, like many countries, has different regions, dialects, and customs that vary throughout the country. Influences for these topics derive from many things such as history, geog…

How Children Learn to Speak essays

?Children mimic what their parents do and say but the developmental process differs for each child. Each child learns at his or her own pace, including when they learn to talk.
A child begins to speaking process by forming basic sounds. Theirfirst sounds are cooing and crying. Crying helps an infant’s vocal cords and jaws develop for speaking. Infants hear sounds called phonemes, but they also begin to recognize the vibrations of their parents voices by six months old. The basic sound of their native language is understood, and typically, a child’sfirst word is a simple noun.
Controlled and repetitive sounds allow children to create syllables. By 18 months, children will be speaking several words but not in a particular order. However, their words will be synonymous with their wants; for instance, they may want more milk. Children may point at the things they want instead of saying the actual words. The parents say the words. Upon hearing the words being said, children will repeat those same words remembering that object the next time they see it. Showing a child objects–and asking her to say what the object is–speeds the development. This is repeated in the classroom when a child is shown the alphabet. Teachers display the alphabet around the class room; they ask the children to memorize and recite what they are taught. Visualization and verbalizing becomes recognition. Children interpret language with pictures and colors. Books are equally important tools used to bridge the gap between two syllable words and sentences.
Real words are made by the ages of 2 and 3 years; this is also when sentences or phrases are spoken. Grammar and speech consistencies are developed and mastered from watching television and reciting poems or songs. Music will play a large part in familiarizing toddlers with language. This is why children’s television shows incorporate music with the messages being taught. Children may relate their words…

Identifying Future Career Options essays

The goal of my portfolio is to decipher more about myself than ever before. I would like to find out about the different qualities that make up me, because through this knowledge I can figure out what career path would best suit me. I already know that I want achieve success within my career and I want to be comfortable and happy with myself throughout my life. I want to achieve success because being happy and comfortable with myself are the most important things in life. I also want to be proud of my accomplishments. I don't want to be angry with myself because I wish I had tried certain things but I did not. So, for me success is the answer and the key to making and educated decision as well as a rational one for a career choice. The only way to achieve success is through planning ahead. I know that planning ahead will help me to make a rational decision because I will have looked at all of my options as well as opportunities in the field of choosing a career path and the "cost versus benefits" for each career. Thefirst part to my decision making model would be identifying the decision to be made. In this case the decision to be made is what future career best suits me?
The next step that I will be using to determine a future career path is gathering information. This will help me to analyze the different aspects that make up my personality such as my interests. It is a very important part in the decision making process because if I don't know what makes up my personality then how will I make a good decision for a future career path. I will have to identify alternatives for my next step because having a backup plan or just other options in general is a must. It is always good to keep other options open because if you don't you will experience very little in your life. Step four is weighing the evidence. You have to ask yourself this, which one will be better for me in the end?Choosing the best alterna…

The Wind Blows by Katherine Mansfield essays

?The text under interpretation is a short story called "The Wind Blows" written by Katherine Mansfield.
Katherine Mansfield was a prominent modernist writer of short fiction. Her life and work were changed forever with the death of her brother during The Great War. She was shocked by the experience so much that her work began to take refuge in the nostalgic reminiscences of their childhood in New Zealand. Her stories were thefirst of significance in English literature to be written without a conventional plot, she concentrated on one moment, a crisis or a turning point, rather than on a sequence of events. The plot is secondary to mood and characters.
Speaking in terms of functional stylistics the text under consideration is a bright example of belles-lettres style, the main aim of which is to suggest a possible interpretation of such phenomenon of life as growing up. The text under interpretation represents the genre of a short story, which can be proved by such features as disjointed timeline, limited number of characters and an abrupt opening. The given text concentrates on a single emotion of becoming mature, which is implicitly revealed to the reader.
The title "The Wind Blows" transmits the atmosphere of anxiety, suspense and uncertainty. It does not unfold the events described in the story, although it predicts emotional and psychological instability of the main character. The story under consideration opens with the description of a girl who woke up in her room. The girl was rather nervous and unhappy to be at home, but when she came to her music lesson she felt quite opposite – this place was a cozy shelter for her. When she was back at home her brother suggested going for a walk. They roamed over the esplanade and watched the restless sea. The story ends with the two looking back at their hometown from the board and traveling away from their home.
The main idea of the text is the problem…