The novel Rickshaw boy was written by Lao She and published in 1936

The novel Rickshaw boy was written by Lao She and published in 1936, the main character was Xiangzi. He was an orphan farmer who worked in Beijing for rickshaw puller. He was optimistic and with hope of his live, his dream is having his own rickshaw. The mainly story around his hard work and his attraction to Huniu who was daughter of employer. Huniu loved Xiangzi and wanted to marry with him. Xiangzi has only dream was buy rickshaw and didn’t interested in love until Huniu was deceived his love. Although Xiangzi didn’t smoke and drink, he was seduction by the Huniu after being drunk, then he tried to escaped because he didn’t want to disrupt his plan by interfering with the love story, but tracked again and again by Huniu. Finally, they were married, Xiangzi bought a rickshaw with the money of Huniu and accepted she was pregnant. The another love interest of Xiangzi and Fuzi, their love was growing very slowly. Although Fuzi struggled to her brother to raise their live, Xiangzi was fascinated and fall in love with Fuzi. Therefore, I will compare and contrast that love of interest of Huniu and Fuzi.
The love of interest that Huniu and Fuzi have some similarities. They both were exploitation by their father. Huniu look like a man, she was good helper that helped his father take care of the business, his father name Master Liu, Liu didn’t care about his daughter and only care of his face and money. When master Liu knew Huniu want to marry Xiangzi, he was angry, and think his face and money were lost. Huniu was struggling to marry Xiangzi or keep his father’s face, she chooses to marry to Xiangzi because of his hard work and have a man to marry, so she lied xiangzi that she was pregnant. Fuizi had a drunk father name Er Qiang Zi, her father sold his own daughter Fuzi’s marriage and lost marriage later, she forced into prostitution to raise her two younger brothers and help her father. Xiangzi got attract through her hard work.
Huniu and Fuzi have the power of money than Xiangzi. Although Huniu leaves her father and marries to Xiangzi, she still has some money. She didn’t allow Xiangzi did the work of rickshaw puller, because she thought she could find her father and take care of business again. However, her father sold the business and go away, so, she gave money to Xiangzi to bought the rickshaw, she didn’t want to lose her life. She controlled Xiangzi doing everything, she still stays home to eat and sleep. Xiangzi needed work hard to support Huniu live. Although Fuzi has two younger brothers and a drunken father, she sold her body to earn money. When Huniu died, she helped and gave her money to Xiangzi.
Huniu and Fuzi both like Xiangzi. They admire his hard work and the fact he will become rich in the future. They forced to use those money to support their live. Huniu like Xiangzi not only for Xiangzi have a stronger body, but he also has a value that he can make money through his hard work. After the married, Huniu controlled money and bought food her want, she still at home and didn’t find job. Fuzi was poor, she need money to raise her brother and help her father, Xiangzi can make money through rickshaw, if Fuzi marries Xiangzi, Fuzi will have better lives than before.
Huniu and Fuzi both have tragedy ending. Huniu is selfish, arrogant and entangled in Xiangzi, which bring injury and destruction to Xiangzi. She was a maker of tragedy and also was a victim. People can know her frustration and depression that she is not afraid of everything. Huniu has the habits of businessman and selfishness deeply influenced by her family. But she is also a victim. She wanted a normal life that same as other people, but she needed to help his father to management business, make her twisted and even metamorphosis. When she wants to marry Xiangzi, her father is angry, this show status of her in the family. After the marriage with Xiangzi, Huniu was driven out of the house by her father and died of dystocia. Fuzi’s life is disaster and humiliation, in order to support her father and two younger brothers, she had to sell her body to make money and finally die. In my opinion, two women have different experiences, but the outcome is tragic, and cause people to think their tragedy.
In this novel, the Huiniu and Fuzi have different background and personality, it made that they treat different love of Xiangzi. Huniu and Fuzi from different social status. Huniu from the middle class, she can support her live through helping his father to charge of the business. Huniu’s father was the original boss of Xiangzi, so, Xiangzi was low income than Huniu. Despite this, Huniu didn’t care about her social background and determined let Xiangzi marry her. Another reason of Huniu love Xiangzi because of Xiangzi always listen carefully what her say and didn’t talk back. She used her own money to buy rickshaw to Xiangzi. Fuzi from a poor family and need to earn money to take care of her brother and father. She was initially sold to marry and sold the body to earn money, but Fuzi didn’t think that her low class was an obstacle to her love with Xiangzi. She also wanted to marry Xiangzi.
They have a different personality. In the book, Lao She described that ” Huniu was the same as the man in everything, but nobody dared mary her: even when it come to cursing a person, she was just as fluent and sometimes had more ways of expressing herself (Lao 48)”. As you can see, she always fluent to curse men in the factory. I think it look like tiger that not one want to marry to her. When Xiangzi came back, she told Xiangzi that eat rice and don’t have poison, she also pulled Xiangzi over to the table. This showed that she is stronger and power than Xiangzi. When master Lou has a birthday party, she was cursed and yet to master Liu. In order to achieve her goal, she seduced and tricked Xiangzi. Finally, she marriage with Xiangzi. On the opposite side, Fuzi is a pretty, gentle and kind woman. When her father sold her marriage, she didn’t complain to her father and still forced into prostitution to raise money to feed her two younger brothers and father. When Huniu asked Fuzi about “many things that it was hard to speak ( Lao, 269)”, fuzi was refused and then Huniu asked again and again, she didn’t refuse and told those things. When Huniu was dystocia, she bought medicine and found a doctor, this shows that her gentle and easygoing personality. I think that Fuzi has can’t go away to family even though she has endured spiritual and physical, only she can raised her family.
The author described different between physical and psychological appearances for Huniu and Fuzi. Huniu knew nothing and ignoring her neighbor, the neighbor pointed out that she was ugly and rude, nobody wants to marry to her. However, she was smart that know lie to Xiangzi that she was pregnant and finally she married with Xiangzi. She was jealous to Fuzi because she thought Fuzi enjoyed life for some movement, she never think about Fuzi was struggling for her life. Huniu was In the opposite, Fuzi was very “think and slight”, she became “little taller and face was soft and round” when she married to soldier, she would show whole teeth very white when she was simile and cry. She forced to support her two brother, but Huniu didn’t know her difficult and made her fall into the abyss. Huniu taught Fuzi tha thow to make up and borrowed room to Fuzi, she still get pay from Fuzi.
The Xiangzi love Fuzi more than Huniu, because “her person held all of that comfort and consolation that a woman should bring her man(Lao, 310)”. Lao She described that “even if her whole body had been covered with sores, and her flesh was rotten with them, in his heat she would still be very beautiful, she was young, she was diligent and frugal( Lao, 309)”. This means that Xiangzi is love the Fuzi even if the the body with sores. He didn’t like to talk, however, he likes talk with Fuzi, Fuzi always carefully to listen. Huniu always control Xiangzi and made he felt uncomfortable.
Xiangzi have different thinking when Huniu and Fuizi died. Huniu died when she was giving birth, in order to pay for the founder, Xiangzi sold his rickshaw and the life became more and more difficult, even though he began to drink and gambles, Xiangzi has not been desperate and have free, because the death of Huniu is also a relief to Xiangzi. Xiangzi thought about marry to Fuzi, however, he needed to raise Fuzi’s family, he was incompetent to feed her family. He told Fuzi that he would come back. Fuzi was being forced into prostitution, and then she hanged herself. When Xiangzi knew that Fuzi had hanged herself because she could not stand the humiliation, his spirit completely collapsed. He stared to heavy drink, gambles and to do bad things for fun. He didn’t find job. In my opinion, Fuzi was a hope that Xiangzi can work hard after Huniu died and create a better life. When he knew Fuzi died, he lost the soul and didn’t go to work, he lost the interest in life. Fuzi’s death was beautiful and disillusioned, giving people a strong aesthetic enjoyment. Fuzi was shining to compare of Huniu, it was perfected by her pretty and ugly because her prostitute life is filthy, but the soul is very clear.
Huniu and Fuzi have similar and different, they are exploitation by social. However, Huniu was more lucky than Fuzi. she had stable family to support her lives. Even though Fuzi’s father sold her marriage to soldier, she still needed to raised two brother and father. The two women were push the plot of the story, Xiangzi love the two women in different character, it make the story more interesting.