Bildad msamy English 101 Teresa leggard Essay 3 Learn To Know Better Language can be defined as a way human communicate

Bildad msamy
English 101
Teresa leggard
Essay 3
Learn To Know Better
Language can be defined as a way human communicate ,either by speaking or writing, which also consist of words used in structural and conventional way. In this manner a person can create a clear picture on how language can be used by group of people and make sense if and only if it is used in proper way. I think this is kind good question which can be applied to those learning a second or more languages. It would be done unachievable to teach a first language as a system, as the first words and voices spoken by young babies are to speak. We all recognise that words have the convincing power to move and persuade and explain very very fast, and that will never change. Learning more languages, though, may also benefit from a better active approach; however, learning that language, too, is probably motivated by the need to communicate more than simply learning for learning’s sake. If one simply has an academic interest in learning a language, so learning it as a system would clearly be the most effective method. For everyone else, learning a language is motivated by the need or desire to communicate. Yes, however i think every person in America should speak more than one language because one language is not enough due to diversity of people who contribute to several challenges which hinders the misunderstanding among societies.
Firstly, I would like to include especially in working sectors because if a persons work involves in contact with other speakers of foreign languages, it would be easier to talk to them in their own languages will help you to communicate with them. It may also help you to do business contracts and trade as well. For example in 2009 my elder sister was selected in one of the big universities in Germany, but She spoke only one language which is swahili. In fact, when she was preparing for her reporting date so as she may travel, one of the requirements that were written in the admission form of that university was that she had to learn Germany. Due to their requirements, She had to learn Germany for 6 months in Tanzania before she leaves. After she completed her 6 months Germany course then she had to leave to Germany for her studies. Study of foreign languages may also contribute to your opportunities of finding a new job, getting an advertisements proms or a transfer throughout the globe or of going on foreign business trips and journeys. But also, wide range of english speaking people do not trouble themselves to learn other languages because they believe that many people whom they do business with in foreign countries can speak English and if they don’t, interpreters are available. The absence of foreign language knowledge puts the English speakers at loss. In big congressions, foristance, the people on the other side can elaborate things among themselves in their own language without the English speakers knowing and understanding, and using people who interpret slows everything down. In any other socialising after the congressional the local people will automatically feel more couragers using their own language rather than English.
Secondly, It would also help people who want to study in foreign schools because a person will need to know about the language that is spoken in the specific place. But it would not be necessary to people who first language is been taught all over. For Instance when I came for my first semester( summer semester), I had to take the english subjects which were called ESL subjects. One of the english teachers told me that “it is very important for my major course of Engineering, so I had to study the classes”.The most important of studying ESL classes was to be able to become familiar with American English. The two ESL classes I took were composition and reading subjects. I learnt a lot of things in these classes including American essays. In addition, For example, In Tanzania we use the Britain English in schools, so it was my responsibility to make sure that I adopt the American english. Moreover, a person maybe interested in knowing other cultures of people who communicate a certain language and want to learn their language so as to access better understanding of their culture. Interestingly, it improves communication skills whereby students engage to each other and improve their results and make them apply them what they have learned example speeches and group presentations. It gives out different approach identities and communication concepts in which it helps them to use the theories effectively in any place they want. In addition, language some of the employers normally look for more skilled people who can speak fluently with customers in stock markets; however, it serves and sell to large population.
Thirdly, the other thing is that if somebody and his/her relatives or friends communicate with a language that small community understand, he/she can speak fearlessly in public and also can keep it as a secret. For example, in MCC I have few of friends of mine who we come from the same country(Tanzania), we normally speak with fear because it is hard for people surrounding us to understand the way we are trying to speak to people. So, we normally use our native language to speak to each other in order for us to understand ourselves. On the other side, this is not good because if we won’t reveal the way we speak to people, it will be difficult for us to adopt the local language that American speakers use. On the contrary, it can also help in religious issues whereby religious leaders learn different kind of languages to deliver their message to people. In fact, the religious leaders have played a big role in writing the holy books as many of them. For example Christian churches use the Bible in which it is written in Hebrew and Aramaic while for the Muslims use the Quran in which it is written in Arabic. So, all of these books are used as a way of learning languages more about the religious matters. In addition, sometimes people may go to a particular country and walk through a restaurant or hotel,and enjoy the food and drinks and make several rounds or food menus are only written in foreign languages. Language can be very competitive advantage that treats a person apart from people who speak one language.
Last but not list, the other key point of learning more than one language is that it shows that there really are different kind of people outside the society. This actually reflects to grown and teenage people who stay at home in their small cities. It also help people to learn how to interact and know different societies work. Also, learning different languages help people to understand how things work so that they can know how to use the grammatical rules in their languages such as tenses. According to me, learning various kind of languages is something better than trying speaking or talking with others. However, so as to learn different language, a person has to know several kinds of titles and significant of sentence parts. Covering up these things can shape you to a better student and more expert person. Mostly, many of the foreign words will help a person in the future to scan new words and terms in any native language. People speaking more than one language can improve memory, fixing problems and creativity skills, strengthens the concentrations,it also enables various task and better effective listening. Language is the most important thing in many cultures. Enables to communicate another language exposes us to and encourages a respect for the cultural beliefs , and background of the people included inside that language wide understanding, generates tolerance, and accept other people with studies proving that people who have learned other languages are more open toward and express more positive attitudes toward the culture associated with that language. However, revealing to a culture enables a person to make it easier and respect others suggestion. As a result, if a person speak more than one language, it has the significant of analyzing the globe from different point of views, emphasizing someone’s capability to speak in the interacted world of today..
Conclusion, everyone in America should learn more than one language because America is one of the first world countries which consist of several kinds people from the outside countries, so it contributes to challenges that lead to misunderstandings between societies. So, my suggestion to people is that they should learn different kind of languages because it has more beneficial effects than one language.