what is academic writing

what is academic writing. Thank you for joining us here today. I want to start off with just a few housekeeping notes before I hand the session over to Claire. My name is Melissa Sharpe and I’m a writing instructor here at the Writing Center, and I will be answering your questions if you have them throughout tonight’s session, you can use the Q & A Box. So we’re recording this webinar and you can access it at a later date. Notice we record all our webinars, so you’re welcome to look through the webinar for other recordings that might interest you. And whether or not you’re attending this live or watching the recording, you will find that we have some interactive elements, like polls, links, and chats, and, of course, those files I want Files Pod. You can interact with all of those things throughout the webinar. And like I said, we welcome questions and comments throughout the session. And you can use the Q ; A Box for those. I will be watching the Q ; A Box. I’m happy and excited to answer your questions throughout the session as Claire is presenting. You’re also welcome to send any technical issues you have to us through the Q ; A Box. But do note that there is a help option in the top right corner of your screen. This is Adobe’s technical support. So that is the best place to go if you need technical help. All right, with that, I will hand it over to Claire.
>> CLAIRE HELAKOSKI: Thanks, Melissa. Hi, everybody. I’m Claire Helakoski, I’m a writing instructor here at Walden and I’m going presenting what is academic writing. I’m coming in front Grand Rapids, Michigan where it’s rainy if chilly this evening. So I hope everyone is in more warmer and testimony operate enjoyable areas right now.
All right. Let’s go ahead and get started. So, the learning objectives for this session, our hope is that after this session, you will be able to articulate differences between academic writing and other forms of writing. Identify conventions of academic writing. Understand effective righting habits for academic writers and ways to incorporate them in your writing process. And find useful Walden resources that can help you with your academic writing.
All right. So just a quick overview. When I say academic writing, which I just mentioned several times. So when I say academic write