Laurent and Claire

Laurent and Claire (Belgium) He: the Belgian prince She: surveyor Prince Laurent, the youngest son of the sixth King of Belgium Albert II and Queen Paola married late, at the time of the marriage in 2003, Laurent turned 40 years old. In addition, the chosen one of the royal offspring was a girl of lowly background and also a very modest profession – Claire by education a surveyor. A couple met in Provence, where the prince took part in the construction of a shelter for difficult teenagers with great enthusiasm, and Claire worked as an appraiser and was more than a romantic way of life – she traveled the world, at night drank wine on the terraces of local cafes, enjoyed freedom and life in a small French town. Prince, as in any fairy tale, barely seeing Clare, immediately fell in love and hastened to make a future princess proposal. True, the parents of the royal offspring were concerned about his idea to marry a commoner very wary and some time was delayed with blessing. But since the throne was intended for the eldest son of the royal couple, Philip, who was more cautious in choosing the bride, the blessing, as well as the wedding, still took place. Today, the couple lives in peace and harmony and brings up three children.Frederick and Mary (Denmark He: Crown Prince of Denmark She: realtor The Crown Prince of Denmark Frederick Andre Henrik Christian was always famous for his love and impermanence – the models were replaced by actresses, and the actresses – models, so fast that the parents of the future king were jolted with excitement. Still, the years go by, and the child still can not decide on the choice of the companion of life, and besides, it seems, is not looking at all where to search for the wife of the future king.) Everything was changed by one single meeting: in one of the many bars in Sydney P Rynz saw her! Australian Mary worked as an ordinary realtor and did not even think about the fate of the queen.In spite of the completely ignoble origins of the future daughter-in-law, the king and the queen of Denmark to the idea of ??the son finally marry were taken with delight – they were painfully disturbed by their endless novels of Frederick. 2004 in the Cathedral of Copenhagen Mary Donaldson received the title of Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Countess of Montpeth, and in the near future the Australian will become Queen of Denmark. Considering that her father-in-law, the Danish crown prince and the husband of the queen, on January 1, 2016, officially resigned from royal authority, it was not long to wait for the coronation of Frederick and Mary. Felipe and Leticia (Spain) He: Crown Prince of Spain She: the TV reporter The future spouses met on the shooting of a report about the sunken tanker – the prince fell in love at first sight. The whole world followed this wedding. Is it the case: not only that the bride, frankly speaking, is not too young (at the time of the marriage, Leticia turned 31 years old), as well as divorced. However, it seems that the royal family simply had no choice: the Crown Prince Felipe delivered an ultimatum to his parents: either I marry or I refuse the throne. Since there were no other contenders for the Spanish throne of King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia, I had to consent to a dubious marriage. Fortunately, the first marriage of Leticia took place without a wedding, so even the Catholic Church did not object to the wedding of the future King of Spain with a divorced woman. Now, already King Philip VI and his wife Leticia are the embodiment of family idyll (the couple already have two children). True, the Queen of Spain now and then angers the public – it will wear black pantyhose under a snow-white dress, or even appear at a social event in a mini-skirt. What does not stop her from being one of the most stylish royal especially modern world. Louis and Tessie (Luxembourg) He: Duke of Luxembourg She: the former sergeant As for romance, in this story, its more than enough. The Crown Prince Louis, a representative of one of Europe’s most ancient noble families, met his beloved in extreme conditions: Louis arrived in Kosovo on an official visit, where Tessie, the daughter of a roofer, sergeant of the Luxembourg army, was the only woman in the peacekeeping mission. Roman fastened, which did not please the crowned parents of Louis. But the passionate lover did not stop this. At first, the world was shocked by the news about the illegitimate child, and then that the third crown prince of Luxembourg refused to claim the throne in the name of love. Marriage of Louis and Tessie was declared morganatic, that is, as a result of his wife the duke did not receive the title of duchess, as well as the children of this marriage. And until 2009 Tessie was called “Madame de Nassau.” However, as is known, water stone grinds: 3 years after the mesalliance, Grand Duke Henri, father of Louis, granted Tessie the title of Princess of Luxembourg, Princess of Nassau, and both pair sons, including illegitimate ones, received the titles of the princes of Luxembourg. So, here we have a real scenario for a fairy tale with a happy ending, despite the difficulties in the way.William and Kate He: the Crown Prince She: the marketing manager in the company of parents Before the grand wedding, which the world watched with bated breath, the relationship between the future spouses was very unstable – Prince William, just like his younger brother Harry, constancy did not differ, he liked to have a drink with friends, and did not even plan to get married before his thirtieth birthday. His faithful friend Kate Middleton, with whom William met at the university, journalists even nicknamed “waiting for Cathy.” It is true: Catherine, indeed, quite uncomplainingly demolished all the entertainment and long journeys of the prince, but she unexpectedly completed the relationship herself. After the break, William was repeatedly caught up with other women. “Kam Back”, which was the engagement and the wedding, occurred on the intrusion of William himself. There are rumors that the granddaughter Elizabeth contributed to marrying her grandson – after all, at least until the wedding, Kate was very impressed. In 2011, a wedding took place, which put an end to the endless torments of William and forced him to settle down. Now the royal couple brings up two children, and, it seems, is quite happy. Happy and Elizabeth II – rumors that the Queen intends to pass the throne not to her son, Charles, but to her grandson William, whose family is currently the most popular among her subjects, are growing louder. He: the Jordanian prince She: a bank employee Rania Faisal Al-Yassin was born into a family that had nothing to do with the monarchy. Her father was a simple doctor. Parents of the future queen, Palestinians by birth, moved to Jordan from Kuwait. Already in a new place, Rania, dreaming of her own business, received a diploma in business administration at the American University. After the training the future first lady of Jordan got a job in a
bank owned by a royal family, where, thanks to a fluke, she met her betrothed, who at that time did not plan to become a king: everything changed the unexpected testament of Abdullah’s father – he transferred the throne to his son, and not my brother, as was supposed. Two months after getting to know his future wife, Abdallah began to prepare for the wedding celebration. Ranie was accepted into the royal family with open arms, and Abdallah’s mother even suggested that Rania was destined to become the pearl of her kingdom.
The prophecy of the Queen came true: today Rania, thanks to her struggle for the rights of women, is loved and revered not only in her country, but throughout the world. And besides, she is one of the most stylish queens of our time. Fumihito and Kiko (Japan) He: the Japanese prince She: the psychologist Fumihito, Prince Akishino, is the second in line for the Japanese throne after the older brother. The rules in the Japanese imperial family are strict, here the misalliances are allowed, it is extremely rare and only for the sons. In addition, if the bride “left the people”, then, at least, she must match the role of the princess financially. For example, the Empress Mitiko, Fumihito’s mother, could not boast of a noble lineage, but her father was in charge of a large milling company. The prince chose his wife as a very poor girl. With the daughter of Professor of Economics Kiko Prince met in his first year at the University Gakusyuin and a few years later made her an offer that the emperor did not like at all. However, as a result, the Council of the Imperial House made a decision in favor of the lovers and in 1990 Fumihito and Kiko played a wedding. Moreover, after the wedding Fumihito was given the title of Prince Akishino, and his wife was named Kiko, Princess Akishino. The couple also received permission from the Economic Council of the Imperial House to create a new sovereign branch of the imperial family. The four children, the youngest of them, Prince Hisahito at this moment, are the direct heir to the Japanese throne, tk. his uncle, the Crown Prince, has no sons