Carla Clark Dr

Carla Clark
Dr. Burns
English 101
28 November 2018
When writing an essay, some of the most difficult things for me is the formatting. Sometimes I’ll write down a lot of my brainstorming ideas and things to say but I have such a hard time with organizing them and getting them to keep the reader’s attention. Because of this my assignments are all over the place.
Taking This course has been very beneficial to me because it provided some very useful information that I can take and apply it to the writing that I will have to do in the future. During the revisioning process I will work on my documentary essay and reflect on the body paragraphs. I will make sure that I have enough evidence to support my opinion of the main point. I will submit my essay to a smart thinking tutor as well as two of my peers to ensure that every mistake that was made was caught. The self-editing exercise was a big help revisioning my essay. I learned that it helps when you read your I think that when it comes to writing assignments my biggest weaknesses are patience and determination. I need to find a passion for writing. I over think the process because I focus too much on my weakness even when I have a head full of thoughts, I sometimes don’t really know how to organize them or sometimes I’ll lose focus and get off subject and become repetitive. Then, By the time I finish writing, my mind is already moving on to something else. I need to work on not over thinking because it causes procrastination. I have enjoyed this composition course and I feel that I have learned a lot from it and I look forward to using my newly learned skills in the future.