1. Remain calm and check out the school or home where the child is staying before it get lost.
2. Inform the in-charge (local law enforcement agency) and give the complete description of the missing child.
3. Inform other teacher and the one responsible in school (manager or director).
4. Call the police.
5. Call and inform the parents about what is exactly happened.
6. Keep in routine for searching the child.
7. Director of school meets the police.
8. Fill up incident report form.
1. Remain calm (25…)
2. Count the children
3. Immediate pull the nearest alarm (26)
4. Get the emergency pack (27…)
5. Call 977
6. If there is smoke in the air, stay low to the ground (28)
7. Go to outside meeting place (29) but be sure to feel doors for heat before opening them to know that there is no fire on the other side (30)
8. Support and reassure children (31…)
9. Call parents to pick up children