Based on UNESCO research

Based on UNESCO research, only 1 person out of 1,000 Indonesia people who had an interest in reading seriously. The Office of the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia note downs 90 percent of the population of the age of 10 years was fond of watching television, but do not like to read books. One of the causes of society Indonesia doesn’t like to read books because Indonesia people would prefer an instant thing, the fact to get results from reading the book is we have to be patient to spend reading content with the book.

In the age of now, everything simplified with highly advanced technology. One of them is gadgets, according to include one of the biggest problems why Indonesian society do not like reading a book. Also, has gadgets make us forget the time and with gadgets we more easily get information compared to reading a book, we just left click and search then we direct to find what we need. But most of us don’t find out the truth about the information we just direct to accept that, and the matter can be really misleading.

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Whether that comes when someone mentions the word Library? Yes communities in Indonesia were himself looked at the library as boring, lonely, unattractive, from there we will definitely prefer café or other hangout is more interesting and more rewarding them for selfish and others. Yes, this includes the influence of the progress of technology especially the gadget.

With the gadget community Indonesia being lazy, lazy doing something difficult, just want to get instant results. Lazy was originally just a feeling where someone will be reluctant to do something because in his mind already has a negative assessment or lack the want to do and will unconsciously make a character that is lazy.

So in order for Indonesia society likes to read books, a lot of things that need to be changed but the most important thing is to change the view of yourself, and there are small we should get used to reading a book, keep away from technology, not what though arguably antiquated or behind the times as long as an adult when later we do not become lazy, and easily influenced by others. So Indonesia’s society will not be easily fooled by information that is not true, Indonesia will be more intelligent society.