Gadgets or any kind of technology has always advancing as time passed by

Gadgets or any kind of technology has always advancing as time passed by. It has a big impact especially in our daily life . This has a big impact in our society now a days . It is the main source of information . We are too much obsessed using those gadgets , we as a student are the one who is involve using gadgets specially in our studies . Gadgets is the basic one we always use everyday , we cannot live without and we need to find some ways to limit using any kind of gadget . Gadgets has its own negative and positive for us students now a days . And we also have some ways to be not addicted from those things .
There are positive effects using this kind of gadgets like, it help us to do everything faster and make things easier . It help us for our projects to make it more productive. It is a small thing that everyone could have, it is also the fastest way for us to communicate. It help us to build our imagination in the things that we dont know . It also help us to our listening ability , we can develop our own skills using those gadgets , it can help us to increase our own creativity , we also aware for the things that we really don’t know , we can search for it and adopt another learning . We also develop from this our manner and how to be a role model to other people . It can help us to learn more things even your at home , we can also use educational apps and we can use this apps to easily submit our assignment or projects . Gadgets is very useful for us like student .
There are also negative effects using technology now a days . We are using too much gadgets in a day , and we don’t limit ourself using it . They have their own difficulty in studying when they are too much exposed by cellphone , they can’t concentrate well . They can also has bad in social relationship . They also don’t have enough time for their study , and they don’t listen to their family . They don’t know their limitation as a individual , how to use gadgets properly , too much using gadgets is not good for us . We should know our limitations always .
There are also ways to overcome too much using gadgets . You need to hang out with your friends in a little bit of time , read some books or article that you can learn a lot and adopt knowledge that you can apply in your everyday life , play outdoors game for you to be more flexible . Know your limitation and hours in using gadgets for you to have a peaceful mind and having good grade .
Gadgets is not good all the time ,we should know the advantage and disadvantage of using too much gadgets specially smartphones , you can think another thing to do instead using too much gadgets that can cause low grade in your academic . Learn to be a good students all the time.