The Titanic has always been an interesting topic to me

The Titanic has always been an interesting topic to me, but after researching and completing this project, it is even more interesting to me now. I have learned so much new content that I never knew about the Titanic before. For example, I did not realize how much time and money was spent on constructing the ship. I can see why people called it “The Ship of Dreams” because nothing had ever been built like it. I also did not realize all the signs that the Titanic was headed for disaster. I didn’t know about the almost collision the Titanic had as it was departing or that the lifeboat drill never happened. It seemed like one bad thing happened after another to the Titanic. I found it interesting that a Titanic II might be built. Before, I thought it would have been neat to be a passenger on the ship. However, after doing my research and learning about the amount of lives lost and the horrible conditions endured, I have changed my mind.It’s so mind blowing film that i didn’t expect the plot