Person-centred care is when you provide care to that individual

Person-centred care is when you provide care to that individual, with them at the centre of everything you do., the care that you give to the individual is dependent to level of needs and preferences. Person centred care can help relieve stress and agitation in individuals with dementia as they are able to get on with daily tasks when they want to; eating breakfast, getting up and dressed. Agitation is often caused when the individual gets frustrated; this could be because they can’t do the task themselves and are getting angry with themselves. If a carer was to work in a non-person- centred approach it may cause distress and upset for the individual; an example of this would be if the individual were to sleep each night with a light on and the carer turns it off, the individual will become scared and may not sleep as well as they would with the lights on. Not having enough sleep will cause the individual to be more tired, which may lead to them not eating as they want to sleep during the day when it is light. Therefore it is important to find out what the individual likes and dislikes to ensure they get the best possible care.