Creating memorable “first impression” to the other person

Creating memorable “first impression” to the other person (customers, patients, fellow staff, ect) involves a “package”, as one flaws may affect the impression others have on you. The followings are example of how I can contribute to a good first impression.
1. Punctuality: Punctually portray discipline. I can be on time for work and from lunch time break to show others that I am discipline person. Being punctual also ensures that my other colleagues do not have to work harder to cover up the work that I need to do.
2. Looking neat and presentable: I can contribute to good first impression by wear ironed formal clothes and apply mild perfume to look neat and presentable.
3. Friendly and approachable: I can exhibit a warm, sunny and cheerful nature to my fellow work colleagues, patients and customer so that I seem easily approachable. Being warm and cheerful is prerequisite in every profession but more so in the medical sector where people are already heart-broken or depressed due to sickness and burdened by medical costs. Example, I can smile and introduce myself to my colleagues. Similarly, I can greet my colleagues and patients and smile when I see them and also say “good bye, see you tomorrow” to my colleagues when leaving.
4. Follow workplace Etiquette: I must do the right thing at the right time. Example I can refrain myself from using my phone unnecessarily or talking too much when work needs to be done.
5. Cleanliness: I can make sure the placed I have used in clean and neat before leaving. Example, I can tidy up the packing area in the pharmacy before going home. Similarly, I can also clean the pantry area after using.
6. Being active: I can work with lots of energy and enthusiasm to show others my capabilities and interest towards my job.