The Industrial Revolution took place in Britain first

The Industrial Revolution took place in Britain first, around the last quarter of the 18th century, (this because Britain was rich in coal and iron ore, two key materials for the machines running) and time after, Industrial Revolution spread all over the world.
The Industrial Revolution refers to the changing process from handicraft and agrarian economy to industry with the new machines development.
Mechanization of cotton and woollen industries were the principal and most important change in the time, after this a rapid population increased, simulated by greater economic opportunities for the town. (Cambridge University Press, 2000)
Industrial Revolution brought, with no doubt, too many inventions that had changed completely our life such as the telephone or the airplane lines, but Industrial Revolution also brought lot of environment problems and pollution too. Air pollution issues where present during the Industrial Revolution getting worse every day. Most of the factories used to use fuel, iron and coal, all these were burned to make the engines run emitting carbon dioxide which is the main pollutant gas in Earth. The major diseases during Industrial Revolution were Cholera and Typhus, this issues were caused because of the lack of hygiene and no knowledge about it. Millions of people died on the time. (Trueman, 2015)