The figure

The figure, notes down four steps that is essential is achieving brand success. From the bottom, – salience, performance, imagery, judgments, feelings and resonance. These are all codependent to reach the epitome of the pyramid. It is probably wise to define resonance at this point, and in very latent words, resonance is the ability of the customers to connect with the brand. The customers will always make the choice of picking that brand through perceived loyalty and incorporate that in their life.
Chosen brand for discussion:
We often pick out successful companies for inspirations and learn from them, but I always believe, the other way around is more effective. Learning from failure helps us critically understand what one brand SHOULD NOT do as opposed to thousands of ways a brand can be successful. In this regard, I have analyzed the brand ‘Nokia’ and its failure to accomplish resonance by putting each step of Keller’s elements.
Background of Nokia :
Nokia- the brand was born in 1865 in a papermill in South West Finland and very quickly was considered as one of the most successful brand of the world. It was listed many a times in the ‘Successful Fortune 500’ list of companies. It won’t be wrong to say that this is the name that revolutionized the meaning of communication and ruled the phone market for so many years. However, things took a drastic turn and this brand wasn’t just dethrone from the reign but was banished from the market.
Over the decades, Nokia launched many products series which ended with reviving Nokia 3310.