Anything that continuously grows and ultimately dies is known as life

Anything that continuously grows and ultimately dies is known as life. God the most magnificent and beneficent entity has created humankind for the purpose of finding meaning of life. To do good, be good and to receive good is the main purpose or meaning of life. Examples of good deeds are rescuing someone while drowning, to save someone to be murdered and to refrain yourself from doing those activities which are bad for you and others. Life is for its own survival, and for its own reproduction and these points proves that life is selfish. How to spend a life is an important question… everyone needs better quality of life and better standards of living. Better quality of life can be achieved by having good mental and physical health, availability of resources and facilities, good interpersonal relationship, closeness to God, peace and harmony and healthy environment.
According to Ivan Tyrell and Joe Griffin humans are born with the need of satisfaction which they seek from their environment, the needs include physical and emotional needs. The achievement of these needs lead to good health and in turn it boost up the human’s ability to achieve meaning in life. Tyrell and Griffin illustrated some emotional needs which are competency, self-sufficiency and control, emotional connections with other people, social status, privacy and self worth. If individual face failure in satisfaction of these needs then the person will not be able find meaning of life. Unfortunately, nowadays human beings seek meaning of life through satisfaction of biological needs rather than emotional needs which results in dissatisfaction and inability to find meaning of life. Nowadays human beings are more materialistic than ever due to which human beings are not focusing on the quality of life.