Marriage is an important social institution

Marriage is an important social institution, and every individual has a right to have a perfect match. Arrange marriages are those in which the spouse for an individual is chosen by the parents, and love marriages are those, in which the individual choose their life partner by themselves. Maybe, both love and arrange marriages are successful, but I am in the favour of arrange marriages, rather than love marriages. Our parents have alot of experience of what life is, and which thing is better for us, and which is not. How can we give importance to our some year of experience to the whole life experience of our parents? Everything, that your parents choose for you is good, nothing is bad.
In arrange marriages, parents choose a perfect spouse for you, by comprehensive and detailed check. Your parents know that what kind of person you are ? What are your likes and dislikes. They will never choose someone which is not according to your taste or nature.
Arrange marriages are more successful than love marriages, because both individuals doesn’t know each other much and they care alot about each other. With the passage of time, they start loving each other and the time comes when the love is at its peak.The couple compromise alot in arrange marriages as compare to love marriages.
Arrange marriages is not a contract between two individuals, but a confluence of two families. If something unexpected happened between the couple, families from the both sides try their best to solve the conflict. Conflict in arrange marriages are solved soon as compare to love marriages, because of the family support.
Love marriages are mostly unsuccessful, because before marriage when the love is at its peak the couple makes a lot of promises, without thinking what will be the situation after marriage. Mostly the promises remain unfulfilled, which cause a lot of conflicts between the couple.
In arrange marriages the both, husband and wife, give more time to each other, because both wanted to know what are the likes and dislikes of the other. In this way, strong bond creates among them which cause them to live a happy and comfortable life.
Many people believe that now a days the life is moving fast and if a person finds a better halve for himself and he thinks that he will be able to live his whole life with her, we must support him rather than his parents are against this marriage. I totally disagree with this point. Parents have a lot of experience of what life is ? If you have found someone, ask your parents. If your parents find this match suitable for you than it’s good otherwise don’t argue with them.
In arrange marriages, the bride after coming to her new home, find herself more comfortable. The environment is according to her nature. The parents also support the couple, and the love bond becomes more stronger.
In conclusion, arrange marriages are more successful globally than love marriages.