“Marketing Orientation is defined as a business approach or philosophy that focuses on identifying and meeting the stated or hidden needs or wants of customers

“Marketing Orientation is defined as a business approach or philosophy that focuses on identifying and meeting the stated or hidden needs or wants of customers.”- Businessdictionary.com. Marketing orientation allows a company to attain and maintain a competitive advantage. The objective of this business style is to mainly evaluate the connection amongst the orientation and performance within the market. Depending on the results of the findings, a business can determine their successful method to better their finance and marketing. This method can help with the enhancement of a business’s performance within the market as well as the competitive positioning.
The Sat ; Co case shows that the company is facing a lack of marketing orientation in the organization due to poor performance. The facts of the Sat ; Co show that there is an encouraging and important relationship between the market orientation and the performance of the business.
The critical success factors that are related to achieving market orientation is 1) a company should focus on the desires, wants and needs of its customers. For example, customers are the persons who brings in revenue within the company. Without customers a company would not be able to meet their profits and revenue targets. As a result, the company success is dependent on how it serves the customers, were the customers happy, were the customer needs, desires and wants met. 2) a company should study its competitors within the market. For example, a company that research their competition are more likely to be driven and motivated to perform better to increase sales and become more successful within the market. 3) a company’s product should be able to maintain every different stage of a customers live. For example, squeeze; which has been around for years. Today that product has the same great consistency as the one of the past. Which makes householders still purchase this product to wash their dishes. A company’s market orientation can have a sufficient impact on their business. For example, a company who is customer-oriented focuses on the customers demands and wants. As a result of this, the company is aware and can identify its customer’s problems and needs and can develop solutions and recommendations to solve them. This approach can acknowledge as the best way to create a great value for customers. The information which is collected from the customers problems, can be calculated for the market orientation and business performance.
My recommendations to Sat & Co is that they should use the fact that they have a great brand name as a competitive advantage tool against their competitors. They shouldn’t only focus on technology advancement but should focus on other features such as customers, competitors and buying and buyers patterns. They should adapt a way to educate customers about additional features that they may have placed in the products/machines. They should still look at basic machines for customers who aren’t tech savvy. For example, customers who like basic machines would purchase a machine with all different complex features because of the increase in pricing for something that they are not interested in. In return this means that the products will be on the shelf and a lower turnaround for the products. The company should also do market research on the products to see what the issues is and to build solutions. With the market research the company would be able to identify and determine actual needs of the customers.