K.Sai Sashank(150030358)
D.Srinivasa Rao(150030205)
Optimal planning of door to door multiple materials separated waste collection
This paper targets on planning the implementation of door to door recycling materials. Multiobjective optimization model and heuristic algorithm is used for minimizing costs and environmental impacts. Results showed that algorithms used achieve savings of 23% for costs.

A watershed based debris flow early warning system using sensor web enabling techniques
In heterogeneous environments.

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Early warning system is needed to provide warns of debris flow in order to reduce the loss of life. SWE integration schemes is used to collect data from debris flow prone streams and achieves early warns. System improves the problem of sensing data and issues warns.
An ultrasonic sensor for distance measurement in automotive applications.

This paper describes and ultrasonic sensor which is able to measure the distance from to the object. A constrained optimization technique – obtains reflected pulses that are detected by threshold comparator. Ultrasonic sensor is able to self-adopt different conditions.

Smart and green urban solid waste collection systems advances, challenges and perspectives.

This paper presents a current state-of-art systems analysis techniques for urban solid Heuristic algorithm – used for addressing node routing and roll-on-roll-off routing problems. Pursue best routing with sustainability implications.

Challenges and opportunities of waste management in IOT enabled smart cities Waste management involves transport and disposal to locations through IOT enabled waste management
WSN/IOT oriented approach, taxonomy incorporates the hardware, tools and data. Present large set of models deals with efficient waste collection.
Tracking trash Waste removal chain helps to reveal disposal process of everyday objects with potential efficiencies in current system.

Data acquision is a tracking device follows the disposal objects in removal chain. Trash’s origins, destinations and efficiency is achieved.

The destruction of waste and toxic materials using electric discharges.

Discharges used as source of high temperature and energy in destruction of waste materials. Arc discharges-produces high temperature, corona discharges-carry selective chemical transitions This paper provides chemical routes, conversion efficiencies and chemical transitions.

SMART DUSTBINS Municipality are taking many measurements to maintain the cleaniness in every place.Smart iot dustbins are used to controll the pollution and reduce the effect on humans festo fluidisim:-it is a type of software which is used to simulate pneumatic,hydranlic and the functioning of electrical circuits. This paper helps to decrese the widespread of many diseases and helps to buildthe hygienic environment.

Challenges and opportunities of waste management in iot-enabled smart cities This paper says that in future most of the people will to urban areas, it will leads to increase in pollution and waste collection. ICT Technique:-find,collect,process and present the information This paper helps to control the large amount of waste and can dispense within short period of time
Exploting over a Smart Garbage Management System This paper completely works on the networks to collect the wast from the bins from different places. CRAN:-CROWD ASSOCIATED NETWORK.

It is two-tier Architecture:-
1st tier works on Data Acquistion
2nd tier works on Data Processing Sends message to multiple agents to unload the garbage in very less time period.

Lock-Free Garbage collection for Multi processors The paper is based on shared-memory and to scan the present status of the Garbage in differnt locations Multiple Instruction/Multiple Data(MIMD):-it works on the shared memory and the primitive operations which are used. This will helps to show the present status of the garbage at the time.

Dynamic Garbage Collection Scheme Based on Past Update Time for NAND Flash-based Consumer Electronics This paper works on NAND Flash memory to recieve garbage information in different devices like smart phones,cameras,portal personal computers etc…, Greedy(GR) scheme,
Cost-benefit(CB)garbage collection scheme. This paper helps the agents to clean the garbage ina time period with reference to the past time period of garbage.

Smart and Green Urban Solid Waste Collection System This project works on the different types of collecting garbage waste by using multiple Models. Heuristic algorithm:- used to obtain Vehicle routing and for scheduling to collect waste from Garbages. This research results in improving the wast collecting system.

WIRELESS DUST BIN MONITORING AND ALERT SYSTEM USING ARDUINO This research works to collect the waste when bill reach the certain level by sending a alert message to the authority. -;Ultrasonic sensor
-;MQ4 GAS Sensor
-;GSM Module. This paper helps to monitoring the bins and to unload the waste my using the networks.

Smart Recycle Bin This research paper helps to weight the wastage in the bins using the Radio frequency and electronic system RFID:-(Radio Frequency Identification) it uses the electromagnetic fields to identify automatically and it track the tags attached to the objects. This research helps in correctly sorting and disposing the wastes.