I mused on this for a while and here is my view

I mused on this for a while and here is my view. If the masses want satisfaction well satisfaction is not possible in the long term in life. Critical thinking in the Oxford sense is not a tool to make people happy it is a tool to help navigate a grim world to avoid a grim end. Even at that it is one part of a larger box of tools we need. We can make suffering tolerable but you will never get rid of it entirely. The world may have an infinite number of paths to walk but only a set number of those are valid or desirable so figuring which one that is is a life long task involving plenty of failure. To undertake such a monumental task it makes no sense to me that in an institute of higher learning I am literally obliged by contract to not put forward any ideas others may find offensive or hurtful. We have been intellectually disarmed.