LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION It is my pleasure to recommend Siya for admission to your university

It is my pleasure to recommend Siya for admission to your university. I have known her for two years as her Computer Science teacher. During this period, she distinguished herself by performing extraordinarily well both in theory and in practical lessons. I would rank her in the top students that I have taught in the past five years in respect of her logical and intuitive thinking. Overall, Siya is highly intelligent and has good analytical skills.
As her teacher, I found her to possess a remarkable ability to quickly understand difficult concepts and then adeptly apply them. She has a keen interest in the subject of Computer Science .I witnessed her extraordinary zeal to learn when she worked on the project, ‘Automation of Hotel Reservation System’. Her detailed approach and the way she went about creating her project more user friendly was particularly impressive and proved that she is a creative and a talented student. Her overall intelligence is also reflected in her grades for the course, which were by among the best in the class.
At a personal level, Siya is a well disciplined, industrious student with a pleasant personality. Throughout time for which I have known her for, she demonstrated great perseverance and initiative. Not only was she interested in and motivated to learn new concepts, but she also put great work into assimilating it to her own experience. Siya is unquestionably an exceptional candidate for undergraduate study in computer engineering. She has proven herself to have the perseverance, initiative, and intellectual creativity which are crucial for higher studies in this field. She is determined to work hard to improve herself and is talented, dedicated and focused in both her academic and personal pursuits

Apart from academics she actively participates in many class discussions which benefit her as well as her peers. She has also played an important role in ‘INCOGNITO’, the annual computer festival held in our school as a coordinator.
I am confident that she will continue to display the same commitment and diligence in the future and extend my wholehearted recommendation for his candidature for admission into the undergraduate course at your University.

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