EXECUTIVE SUMMARYAbsolute traffic solutions limited is traffic management solution company which is in Wiri, Manukau. The company plans the project very efficiently and effectively with road authorities and industry expertise. The company has over 20years of experience with dedication to meet the health and safety standards. The company services include traffic management for civil work field, events, accident, on site security, logistics route planning, host and alimak operation. The main purpose of the project was to provide inventory system for signs, cones, and barriers. The company didn’t have a proper inventory tools for tracking down the cone, signs, and barriers. This project helps in tracking down the cones/signs/barriers and to ensure the longevity of the sign boards. The QR code and computer application helps in tracking down the equipment’s. The methodology which used during the project is PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) includes project charter, milestones, deliverables, risk, communication plan, Work breakdown structure. During the initial stage of development of the project some of the recommendation such as GPS tracker, design change of the cones have been submitted because of the time and budget for the project both recommendation where rejected by the company. The software engineer develops the application for the company and the quantity of the cones/signs/barriers can be updated on the needs.
TOC o “1-3” h z u EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PAGEREF _Toc517425979 h 2INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc517425980 h 4PROJECT SCOPE PAGEREF _Toc517425981 h 5DELIVERABLES PAGEREF _Toc517425982 h 6MILESTONES PAGEREF _Toc517425983 h 7PURPOSE PAGEREF _Toc517425984 h 8METHODS PAGEREF _Toc517425985 h 8?Project charter PAGEREF _Toc517425986 h 9?Work Breakdown Structure PAGEREF _Toc517425987 h 9?Gantt Chart PAGEREF _Toc517425988 h 10?Risk Management plan PAGEREF _Toc517425989 h 11?Communication Plan PAGEREF _Toc517425990 h 12?Project Priority Matrix PAGEREF _Toc517425991 h 13COST ESTIMATION PAGEREF _Toc517425992 h 14OUTCOMES OF PROJECT PAGEREF _Toc517425993 h 16RECOMMENDATIONS PAGEREF _Toc517425994 h 17CRITICAL REFLECTION PAGEREF _Toc517425995 h 18REFERENCES PAGEREF _Toc517425996 h 19
INTRODUCTIONAbsolute traffic solution is a 20-year-old experienced company which has certain skills and experience in traffic management for planning and executing certain skills. The company organize the project in roads, events, and industries very efficiently and effectively. The company services include traffic management for civil work field, events, accident, on site security, logistics route planning, host and alimak operation etc. The currently undergoing project are international terminal in Auckland airport, sky city, commercial bay downtown mall, shundi custom building CITATION Abs18 l 2057 (Absolutetraffic, 2018). The main aim of the project undergoing is to find inventory system for signs, cones, and barriers. The cones are stealing from the work site where its kept to reduce that computer application can be made to identify and locate the quantity its kept. The QR code are placed in the cones for scanning and identifying the details and able to locate the object. This will help the organization to sort out the problems. The information is stored in the company database through the computer application. Another problem is regarding the sign boards. Sign boards are damaged from the edges. This causes early aging of the boards. This can be able to prevent by putting rubber beads on the edges. This significant operation methods can able to improve absolute traffic solution limited problems.
PROJECT SCOPEThe project was start on 10 April 2018 and ends on 14 June 2018. The project should finish on date and time, so its time constrained. The time for starting the inventory management system can be described following:
•2hrs in a day for analysis(20hrs)
•3hrs in a day for planning the inventory management (40hrs)
•1hrs in a day for planning, task evaluation, explanation (50hrs)
•2hrs in a day for estimation of budget and time (20hrs)
•3hrs in a day executing the project(120hrs)
The time for the project is 250hrs.

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The main purpose of the project is to provide inventory management system for signs, cones and barriers. Computer application software and QR code can be used for used for tracking. The QR code is fixed in the cones and sign boards, after that the product details are added to the database of the company through computer application software. The software can able to add the location and image of the product which makes easy to identify and track the object. The project is time constrained and the performance should also need to be improved within the required time frame. There can risk occurred during the project such as Insufficient time for project, Insufficient Budget for project, Improper communication, Lack of availability of human resources, Meeting the quality, Health and safety. The risk can be avoided by proper planning and efficient budgeting.

DELIVERABLESThe most expected outcome of the project is called deliverables. The project deliverables include the following such as
Project Plan – Planning and assigning of the entire inventory management system for the signs, cones and barriers.

Task assigning – The task is divided among different resources in the company.

Project charter – The scheduled charter should be delivered to the supervisor
Performance Evaluation – Calculating the performance among the workers and the process which is going on.

Budget and time calculation – The cost and time completing for the project is important to meet the success criteria
Project report – The final completed report to the supervisor.

MILESTONESThe milestone is an important event that occurs during the event of project time. The milestones use the deliverables as a major task and shows the date of the project. The milestones must simple and easy to recognize by the participant. The milestones show rough estimate of resources and time for the project. The milestones of the project are following.

Schedule Description
20 April 2018 The completed and approved project charter from the client (Jade Fonotoe)) and academic supervisor (Tania Parker)
31 May 2018 Project Plan – scheduled risk, methodology, communication plan, work
breakdown structure
31 May 2018 Update plan and change management logs from the organization
1 June 2018 Project meeting with the academic supervisor
4 June 2018 Feedback from the organization about the inventory system
5 June 2018 Hiring software engineer for developing computer application
6 June 2018 Budget and time estimation for the entire project
11 June 2018 Selection of materials such as QR code, rubber beading, glue, Teflon coating,
QR code scanner, Mobile phone,
12 June 2018 Developing of computer application by the software engineer
13 June 2018 Testing of the inventory system and identifying pros and cons
14 June 2018 Implementing the inventory system after rectifying the pros
15 June 2018 Presentation of the project
22 June 2018 Report submission of the project
PURPOSEThe purpose of the project is to provide inventory management system for cones, signs and barriers for the company absolute traffic solutions limited and to ensure the damage of sign boards. This can be achieved with the help of computer application and QR code. The solution for the sign boards can be given by placing rubber beading on the edges, this can able to prevent the aging of signs and barriers. The strategy is to ensure a high-quality material deliverable to the organization to compete with a potential demand. The initiation of the project was to ensure the prevention of stealing of cone barriers and to prevent the damaging of sign boards. This makes the work easy and helps to save the cost for the entire operation. The application which need to be implemented will requires an outsourcing from other countries to reduce the cost and efficiency. The effective communication between the project manager and software developer can able to sort out the problems which are facing during the developing phase. The location and image strategy should come into effect in the application.

The methodology which I used for the project is PMBOK method. This includes project charter, Work breakdown structure, Gantt chart risk management plan, communication plan, project priority matrix.

Project charter – The project charter is a tool used by project manager to initiate and deliver the project. The document is delivered by the upper management and given to the project manager for the resource authorisation. The project charter will include risk management plan, communication plan, priority matrix.

The project suffers from project creep in which the project scope has the tendency to expand over time usually project matrix, specification. The scope creep can be reduced by introducing the scope statement. The scope statement is method for the scope creep. The scope creep has a positive or negative impact on the project. Changes in requirements will affects the cost of the entire project CITATION Eri l 2057 (Erik W Larson).
Work Breakdown Structure – The work breakdown structure is an important deliverable to the organisation structure. The work breakdown structure makes the scope into function. The project manager develops the task into the WBS and sub divide the task. The detailed task that the things need to be completed by human resources will need to be completed in a specific time CITATION wor18 l 2057 (workbreakdownstructure, 2018). The WBS can also be used for the identifying and resolving the risk. The WBS used in this project are following.

Material assessment
Hiring of labours
Selection of distributors
Quality trials

Gantt Chart – The Gantt chart is a most important tools which is used for dividing the task between the people. Gantt chart track the scheduled performance and it is easy to visualise make the work efficient. According to the Gantt chart the project will take 48 working days to finish the project. The start date of the project is 10 April 2018 to 14 June 2018. The project is a time constrained in which I had only 48days to complete it. The material assessment took 14days that is from 18 April 2018 to 7 June 2018. The critical path of the project is controlling

Risk Management plan – The risk management plan is used to identify the risk which is occurred during the project. The project manager usually does during the project phase for the team members and the stakeholders. The risk is identified using brainstorming and several techniques. The participants are given open mind to sort out and identify the risk involved during the project. The organisation also uses the risk breakdown structure to identify and evaluate the risk. The risk that are involved during the project are following.

Risk Description Impact Probability Risk strategy
Insufficient time for the
project 5 3 Maximising the utilisation
of advanced technologies
Insufficient budget for the
project 5 4 Outsourcing the resources
from other countries
Improper communication 4 3 Conducting meeting
Lack of availability of human
resources 3 3 Depending upon the recruiting
Meeting the quality 4 3 Quality check and continuous
quality improvement
Software problems 5 3 Scheduled maintenance
Health and safety 4 3 Giving orientation for the staffs
•Impact probability scale (1-5)
1.No impact
2.Impact is not likely
3.Impact is unknown
4.Impact is likely
5.Impact id definite
•Impact severity (scale 1-5)
1.No effect on the project
2.Effect is not significant
3.Effect is unknown
4.Effect is significant
5.Effect is severe
Communication Plan – The communication plan is usually developed by the project manager in the starting stage pf the project plan. When the project is cleared with the work and deliverables the internal communication plan is important. The communication plan helps the coordination between the employer and employee thus by improving the quality of work. The communication plan helps to describe when, why and how the project has done with the help of project stakeholders. The communication plan for my project is described below.

Stakeholders Scheduled Delivery method
Tania Parker Once a week Email/meeting
Jade Fonotoe Twice a week Meeting
The actual plan of the communication is shown above during the entire project. The plan was to see Tania Parker, our supervisor for discussing the inventory system, project plan, and the project report. But the meeting didn’t work out due to the busy schedule. Due to the communication plan the development of the project improved. Jade Fonotoe the managing director of Absolute Traffic solutions Limited also helped me lot during the initial and planning phase of the project. The meeting with Jade also tried to develop ideas and efficiency. The meeting was conducted twice in a week up to end stage of the project.
Project Priority Matrix – The project manager task is developed by improving the cost, time and performance of the project that is going on. The project managers also identify and understand the important objectives of project. The project priority matrix consists of constrain, enhance and accept. The constrain defines that the project should be delivered with date, specification and scope of project. The enhance defines that the method which are used to reduce the cost thus by increasing the efficiency of entire project. The accept criteria describes the reduced slip of the project. This decrease the scope and performance of the project thus by increasing the overall budget.

Time Performance Cost
Constrain 3549651384300 2495551416050
Enhance 4343401828800 Accept The project starts on 10 April 2018 to 12 June 2018 which has 48days of time. The priorities will vary according to each project. The project is time constrained which I had less period to complete the project. The performance should be enhanced for improving the inventory system for the organisation. The organisation doesn’t have enough budget for completing the project, so the plan is to outsource the raw materials from the country India and China.

The cost is important criteria for doing the project. The overall project approved while providing affordable budget for the organisation. The total cost for the project is $11,876.5 approximately including the material and labour cost. The sign boards cost $3857.5 for 250 sign boards and the 500 cones will cost around $5725, For adding the QR Code in 1000 cones will cost around $450. Mobile phone requires a certain cost used to activate the data plan and cost for that is $35/month. The cost for the mobile phone is $159. The overall cost calculation for each item are given below:

Area of spend Cost ($)
1m rubber beading = $1.66approx
1 Sign board (1200mm x 850mm) = 2.13m rubber = $3.51 = $3.51+20c (labour cost) = $3.71/sign boards including labour cost approx. = $3.71+10c (extra material cost) = $3.81 = 3.81+85(sign board) = $88.819(total cost)
2 Sign board (1200mm x 400mm) = 3.2m rubber = $5.28+20c (labour cost) = $5.28+10c (extra material cost) = $5.38 = 5.38+85= $90.38(total cost)
3 Sign board (1200mm x 600mm) = 3.6m rubber = $5.94+20c (labour cost) = 6.14+10c (extra material cost) = $6.24+85 = $91.24(total cost)
1hr = 150 sign boards completed approx. $91.24
QR code stickers = 39c = 45c including labour approx. 45c
Computer application = $1300 approx. $1300
QR code scanner price = $119 $119
Teflon coating paint = $30 for 1000 cones/barriers (approx.) $30
Super bond glues 50 pieces = $40 for 1000 cones/barriers $40
Mobile phone cost = $159 moto c $159
Data plan cost = $35 per month for 4GB $35
Extra 50-piece super bond glues = $40 for rubber beading $40
Cost of barrier = $9.50+GST = $10.9+material cost = $11+45c (500cones = $5500) = $11.45-GST = $10.05 $10.05
Cost of cones = $26.5+GST = $30.5+material cost = $30.60+45c (1000cones = $30,000) = $31.05- GST = $27.05 $27.05
QR code data uploading cost for 1000 cones/barriers = $275 incl labour (approx.)
OUTCOMES OF PROJECTThe Absolute traffic solutions limited is a traffic management solution company in which the project was to provide an inventory system for signs, cones, and barriers. The main aim was to prevent the loss of cones, sign, barriers and to prevent the aging of sign boards. The solution can be given by tracking the signs, cones and barriers through QR code and computer applications. This method helps the company to identify the quantity of cones/signs/barriers which is placed in the work site. This also makes the work easy and can prevent the stealing of the equipment. The cost is also an important criterion, so this project is affordable and easy to maintain for the organisation. The solution for the aging of sign boards is different, it can be avoided by putting rubber beading on the edges. This solution will increase the logitivity of the sign boards.

The method for the project is given below:

417195038525452667000585470574357538620702276475100457032575503871595326707528047954838700339534550387253042920If not done office staff get notification and can insist other staff to do
00If not done office staff get notification and can insist other staff to do
3743325337629538957253023870If missing search around the same place
0If missing search around the same place
28003503014344Notification of quantity to the road employee
0Notification of quantity to the road employee
3257550197612027908252199640Scan it again
Scan it again
27908251204595Take the product after use
0Take the product after use
3228975100457015240005664202790825204470Add location and image to the application
0Add location and image to the application
3905256045201724025194945Place the product where it need to be
0Place the product where it need to be
590550185420Scan the QR code of the product
0Scan the QR code of the product
-552450194945Plan the quantity of item to be placed
0Plan the quantity of item to be placed

4229100911225228600175882502762250320675Bring back the product to warehouse or trucks for another road works/events
00Bring back the product to warehouse or trucks for another road works/events

RECOMMENDATIONSDuring the initial stage of development and discussion of the project lots ideas have been generated before implementing the current ideas such as adding GPS tracker into the cones/signs/barriers, changing the design of cones, Improving inventory system in future.
GPS tracker – The GPS tracker is recommended to the company for the tracking of cones, signs and barriers. This is not approved by the company because high cost and scheduled maintenance of the system. GPS tracker is an electronic device which is requires an initial cost which is not affordable by the organization and the maintenance expenses was also very high. The longevity of the device was also less, and the installing process will require more time.

Design of cones – The changing of design is another idea which I have suggested. This idea required permission from the NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) wellington which required a lot of attention and time for approval. The project was time constrained, so the company didn’t approve the idea, in future the idea can be used.

Improving inventory system in future – The quantity of the cones/signs/barriers can be added by using the computer application. In the computer application only 1750 devices are added. The company can add more devices future case of business development. This section also recommends
how the materials can be classified and how accurate the process is CITATION Jay14 l 2057 (Jay Heizer, 2014).

CRITICAL REFLECTIONThe project was fully challenging for me to find out the solutions for the inventory system. It took long time to get the solution. The project has got a clear method of planning and the time management of the
Project is also important while working in the organisation. Our project was a time constrained and need to complete within a fixed time interval. The tools and techniques such as milestones, deliverable and cost management strategy helps to finish on time. The tools used above can able to sort out the future of the project. During the entire stage of the project I got a clear understanding about the industrial phases. The project managers role is to initiate, plan and execute the project. In every project the risk is evolved we need to identify and rectify the risk. The quality of the project is well appreciated during the finishing stage.
Project management is applicable in different areas such as project plan, project report, working with project team and environment. The ideas can be generated by discussing with the clients. Open mind and a good attitude is needed for the developing stage. The errors also can sort out while discussing with our clients and team members. I have gained lots of experience in the project management field during the stage. There are lots of mistake in the project such as date and time scheduling, critical path, and cost calculation. This happened because I didn’t have enough previous experience in project management field. Hopefully I can reduce lots of errors is oncoming projects and in future.

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