You might say that Avengers Infinity war is the best crossover of all time

You might say that Avengers Infinity war is the best crossover of all time, if you have been living under a rock for the last six months. Then yes, it is the best crossover of all time. But, you might realize a game called “Super Smash Bros” Exists, and you realize that Smash Bros Ultimate features 74 characters, which is an increasing number.
Rosters, items, maps, and songs rise between each game. Which a substantial difference between one and the other. Such as Super Smash Bros. to Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl to Super Smash Bros. For Wii U
If we want to know how we got to Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, then we are going to have to start right at the beginning, in 1998 where that roots of Smash Bros had sprouted.
In 1998, a man by the name of Masahiro Sakurai (A Japenese Second-Party Nintendo Developer) had come up with an idea. A crossover fighting game, though his resources were limited so he could only create basic models. So he had started working on it, and then showed it to the Higher-Ups who were skeptical at first of the idea of the game. But when they saw the prototype, they had given Sakurai a chance of a lifetime to make the game into a Nintendo entry. The base roster of the game had featured 12 Characters Mario, Luigi, Samus, Captain Falcon, Kirby, Link, Pikachu, Donkey Kong, Fox, Jigglypuff, Ness, and Yoshi. 4 Of which were unlockables that you can earn through playing, and the other 8 were available at launch of the game. Sales for the game as of 2008, are 4.7 million in the USA and Japan Combined. And the game was greatly recieved by critics, going no lower than a 70 out of 100.
Before we move on to our next game, Super Smash Bros. Melee. Lets talk about the competitive element of the series. which was heavily considered by much of the fanbase to be the surperior game in a competitive scene. But was not what Sakurai had intended for the series as a whole. He had seen it as much more of a casual game, where you just play with a few friends. He has even stated that he doesn’t desire the limitations of competitive, so he has tried to make items and stages more fair. And even make different layouts of every stage to fit competitive.