Communication is an essential part of life. The use of technology can help you with communication, it takes time. But technology can be a result of reducing people without interactions. We have many examples of it like Email, Text Messages, MMS, Social media, Video calls and live broadcasting etc. Here we’ll explain some of its kind for which computer plays a basic role. Without a computer it is nothing.
Email: Today email is a common source of communication. Computer is required to send or receive email. Computer plays an important role in this type of communication. “Email” stands for “Electronic Mail”. Email was one of the first changes in how people use technology to communicate with people. The opportunity to release information to many different people simultaneously without calling a meeting or requesting print material has become a device to save time and money. All of this has become possible with the help of computer. So computer has a remarkable impact at this field of society.
Social Media: Social media has changed our life. It has made our communication easy. Now we get a lot of information of daily happening in world through social media. Just like Email, social media also depends on computer. Without computer social media has no existence. Social media has been a revolution in how people plan events and communicate with each other. Rather than talking with their friends personally, they can post a comment about their lives. The revolution of social media has made it possible for people to recreate friendship, create new friends and gain new interests.