Email marketing is a cost-efficient way to complement your other marketing efforts

Email marketing is a cost-efficient way to complement your other marketing efforts, like content marketing.

Email marketing provides a phenomenal opportunity to reach prospects and existing clients in a manner that is both carefully targeted and well-organized. Using email as a marketing tool can effectively target the very individuals that present the best opportunity for a return on your investment.

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There are few channels better for encouraging further customer loyalty and improving your brand reputation. Loyal customers are more inclined to advocate on behalf of your brand which can drive up your readership rates.

We work with your existing MailChimp or Constant Contact account and analyze it as part of a larger digital marketing approach. If you don’t have an email marketing account, we suggest working with MailChimp.

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Types of Email Marketing
There are many different types of email marketing and all are used as part of an overall marketing strategy. Some of the email marketing methods include:

Drip Campaigns
Drip campaigns consist of a set of email messages that is sent to sales leads at a calculated time to help encourage their movement through the sales cycle. They are most effective when the content contains information that is relevant, are sent in specific intervals, and relate to actions taken on your website. Drip campaigns are a great way to free up resources in sales and marketing and provide the right amount of attention to your prospects.

Email newsletters are a great way to keep your prospects and clients engaged with your company or product. Newsletters are typically a standard email sent to a list of your subscribers, clients, and prospects. The important elements needed for a successful newsletter campaign is to include information that is valuable to the reader. A newsletter should be more than just “the news”, but also include content that provides useful information that the reader can use. The email newsletter helps build relationships with your clients and prospects and create trust in your brand.

Email surveys are a great marketing tool. They can provide you with valuable information, but also solidify your brand in the minds of your contacts. Email surveys are great because they are relatively inexpensive compared to mail and phone surveys. Also, studies show that people are more likely to provide honest answers with an email survey as opposed to other survey methods.