In this text response

In this text response, I will be talking about ‘Playing Beatie Bow’, by Ruth Park, and how some of the characters undergo change. The characters who change the most are Abigail, Beatie, and Judah.

Abigail Kirk is the main character, and changed by learning about love, and how to care about people. Throughout the story, she learned about love, while experiencing it. She fell in love with a boy called Judah and had her first kiss with him. Unfortunately, he was betrothed to someone else, someone Abigail was close to in the book, named Dovey. In the end, Judah died, as he had drowned when his ship sank.
“I loved him so much,” wept Abigail. “Not horrible Gibbie, but Judah.” – page 193
By falling in love with someone, she learned about what love truly is, and the pain of losing someone you love.

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Another character who changed quite a bit was Beatie. She was the person who got Abigail sucked all the way back into the 19th century.