In this era of globalization

In this era of globalization, a sport is increasingly becoming a question mark to the community about what is sports or what are the benefit, advantages and the importance of sport to our life. Last year the government introduced the 1Murid 1Sukan policy for realizing the importance of sports among society today. The among the examples of sports activities that are quite popular today are swimming, football, rugby, hockey, badminton, tennis and many more sports games. The definition of sport, sports is all that activities that require skill or dexterity and energy either as a competition, entertainment or for fun to fill out the free time. The question is, what is the importance of interest or benefits that we get if we engage in sports activities nowadays? There is there the importance of sports which are can produce a healthy individual, can prevent us from being exposed to any harmful illness and enhance the economy of a country through sports activities.

Firstly, the importance of sports nowadays is that sports can produce a healthy individual. This is because it is said that sports can strengthen our muscles and bones as well as to maintain the health to our bodies. For example, if someone plays sports every morning with doing proper exercise, It will cause a person’s body to be in good condition and healthy and can also cause our brains to become more fit or active in making our daily work. As some says that consume a balanced diet also can make a healthy lifestyle. As for that I strongly disagree about the statement because by having a balanced diet but there’s no any exercise for your body can make weak even you having a balanced diet. As India Celebrating (n.d), important of sports essay said improving and maintaining physical skills and abilities. It shows that we also need exercise for our body to stay healthy.
Secondly, the importance of sports is that sports can also prevent us from being exposed to any harmful illness. With the involvement among children, teenagers, and adults in various sports activities. With the involvement of all this, it will help to solve our health problem and it can also help to reduce the rate of people severely affected by the dangerous disease in this country. Sports activities are also the first step we should realize like the saying goes “save money for a rainy day and guard against trouble” in controlling exposure to dangerous disease. For examples heart disease, chronic disease as high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. Therefore, with the exercise of sports can also reduce excess fat in our blood vessels and it also can launch our blood journey. In my opinion with the involvement in sports is an effective effort in producing a healthy society in the country. Some say that by preventing from dangerous diseases by living in healthy ways like stays clean every day. I disagree because it can reduce your risk of chronic disease as it can improve insulin sensitivity when you having exercise. According to Mastroianni, B. (n.d.), Everyday Health, Why Being Fit Helps You Manage Chronic Diseases, This exercise is one of the main things you can do to reduce your risk of developing one of these chronic problems. Which it says that by exercise you reduce more chronic diseases by exercise.
Lastly, the third point of the importance of sports is it will also enhance the economy of a country through sports activities. For examples, organizing sports internationally such as Commonwealth games, Le Tour de Langkawi and Formula 1, it has contributed significantly to national income. We cannot deny that the organizer of sports such as Commonwealth in 1998 it has helped to solve the problem of our country economic downturn during the year. Another example, in the United State that had hosted the Atlanta Olympic Games in the country, it has earned an unexpected profit from another every organizer in the world with the revenue collection of USD20 billion. As Charaf, T. (2016), Linked In, The Importance Of Sport From An Economic And Social Point Of View, Sport is becoming a business. Which it can bring an income to the country by making sports. A some says that sport is just bringing income to the person. I disagree with that statement because it not just bring and income to the country but I can raise up the name of the country to the whole world.
In conclusion, the importance of sports which are can produce a healthy individual can prevent us from being exposed to any harmful illness and enhance the economy of a country through sports activities. With sports, are can be able to produce healthy people. Besides that, with the advent of sports can also create a healthy society from the outward aspect will be able to bring progress to our country with an according to the slogan of the healthy people of developed countries. Also in my opinion that everyone can do exercise even a short time just to let our sweat out.

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