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Lecture by : shuang xinPresented by : anandu syam
Topic :
A report based on a case study of the field trips or a visitor attraction in china including the background, strategy, marketing issues, challenges etc.

Mount emei (e’meishan)

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A brief review
• “Mount E’mei , situated in E’mei city in excess of 100 kilometer southwest of Chengdu, Sichuan.
• It is around 3,100m over the ocean level.
•The Mount Emei is presumed as “The most excellent mountain under paradise” for its loftiness and magnificence.
• Mount Emei is one of the four consecrated Buddhist mountains in China.
•The other three Buddhist mountains are the Wutai Mountain in Shanxi, The Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang and The Jiuhua Mountain in Anhui.
•As Buddhism began prospering China in the second century, an ever increasing number of sanctuaries were based on Mount E’mei.
•In the 6th century, it was viewed as a National Buddhist haven. Over the previous hundreds of years, consistently explorers have been going by the mountain for their love.
•The well known Baoguo Monastery and the Fuhu Monastery are situated at the foot of the mountain.
•The Wannian Monastery, The Qingyin Pavilion, The Xixiang Monastery et cetera speck the sheer bluffs or beautiful valleys while the Woyun Nunnery sits on the pinnacle of the mountain {“The Golden Summit”} .
•It is said that Mount Emei used to be where Samanthabadra, one of the followers of Sakyamuni, honed religious rituals. Along these lines, the sanctuary on the mountain essentially serves to love Samanthabadra.
•In the Wannian Monastery, there is a mammoth bronze statue of Samanthabadra riding on a white elephant.
•Many recorded and religious fortunes, for example, sacred texts , relics, calligraphy and artistic creations, tablets and engraved sheets are protected in the sanctuaries here.
•In expansion to its fascination as a Buddhist asylum , Mount Emei merits going to for its common excellence. Here we can discovered steep bluffs, clear wells and springs, gem water and falls, dynamite caverns, virgin timberlands, lovely dawn and dusk, valuable types of plants and creatures, Buddha light , oceans of mists, and insidious monkeys.
•The major beautiful objective of Chinese climbers is to witness the dawn and nightfall over the ocean of mists at the Summit.
•In some uncommon evenings there is a wonder known as Buddha’s Aureole where rainbow rings , delivered by refraction of water particles, connect themselves to a man’s shadow in a cloud bank underneath the Summit.
•So far as untamed life is concerned, Mount Emei is a rich characteristic gallery. Here exists nearly 3000 types of plants including valuable pigeon trees and firs , and in excess of 60 assortments of Azalea. The uncommon creatures found here including lesser pandas, silver fowls, blurred leaf butterflies and unshaven frogs.
•The most alluring element of Mount Emei is the monkeys. They travel every which way on the twisting hallways of the sanctuaries or on the little ways in the forested areas close to the Jiulao Caves and the Xixian Monastery. The monkeys pursue each other, ask for nourishment from trespassers and play with them.
•To be valid, it is a standout amongst the most noteworthy encounters for voyagers to Mount Emei.” ( New English Textbook for Tourism ,pg 211)
Weather report of Mount Emei

•I had been to Emeishan twice during last year, as a part of my field trip conducted by the school as well as with my friend and really found this mountain amazing. During my visit, the whole mountain was full of snow and the scenic view was really beautiful and worth the visit . The temperature at the higher altitudes of the mountain was less than was negative eight degrees.

How to get there:
•From Chengdu we can take both bus or a bullet train to reach Emeishan. Once we reach Emeishan, we will go to a bus station specially for reaching the Mount Emei tourist destination. This bus bring us to a bus terminal at Mount Emei. From there, the hiking starts to reach the cable car station which lasts for less than 15 minutes. After 3 minutes of walk, we will reach another cable car which head us towards the Golden Summit. At Golden Summit, we will see a 48m gold statue of Buddha with 10 faces riding four white elephants.

•Please take a cable car up the mountain and don’t think of saving this money on cable car as you need a lot more energy to walk further up the mountain.

•When you reach a certain altitude, we will start to feel breathless due to lack of oxygen. It is very important that you hold on and rest in between or else you might faint halfway.

•If you are bringing elderly people or young children, please DONOT select winter time as it is extremely dangerous as the floor are very slippery.

•You need to go up to the mountain very early in the morning or else once it reach noon you will be wasting all your time and effort to go up there as it will be too foggy to see anything. Thus ,it is advisable to stay one night the day before you visit to Emeishan.
•Most of the tour packages will cover first day Leshan (The Big Buddha Statue) and the second day will head towards the Emeishan which seems to be ideal.

•There is an easier route (non slippery) to go upto the cable car station (that is the road for vehicle to go up) instead of climbing a flight of slippery stairs especially during the winter time.
•Be aware of cheating and frauds.
•The goods are too much expensive as we move on towards higher altitudes especially foods ,so remind to carry some food materials along with you while you hike.

•Most of the tourist guides will take you in a different route which is more slippery so that they wanted you to buy the hook or grass slippers for your shoes from the vendors in order to climb up the slippery stairs so that they can get the commission for themselves.

•Beware of your personal belongings like mobile phones, cameras, ornaments etc.

•Be conscious on the vendors , as they hike the price of the goods when they see foreigners which is common in almost all the tourist destinations no matter which country it belongs.

•DONOT wear bright coloured clothes as bright colours can attract the mischievous monkeys and they may tend to attack us.

Key administration is the consistent arranging, observing, investigation and appraisal of all that is vital for an association to meet its objectives and destinations.

Challenges faced by Tourists in Mount Emei.

General dangers to the property are by and large of low effect. The most clear dangers originate from the substantial and expanding quantities of sightseers and pioneers, and the important advancement of offices framework. A link and monorail give prepared access to high summits yet can cause stuffing and no more mainstream spots and acquaint individuals with delicate vegetation natural surroundings. Extra dangers identify with fermentation of freshwater bodies and soil from air contamination. To date, administration intercession has been connected to address these dangers however the effectivened should be checked.

Marketing issues
To meet business objectives, make a market technique articulation that plainly diagrams the activities expected to meet these objectives. Without an arrangement to advertise merchandise and ventures, your business may not achieve its best income potential.

With globalization, China’s increase to the WTO and remote vacationer benefit partnerships’ filling the Chinese market, the opposition looked by Chinese visitor ventures is certain to be more savage. Vacationers are evolving today, they lean toward individualized travel and wish to have a ton of fun and important encounters other than unimportant touring.
Furthermore its improvement likewise postures awesome changes on visitor promoting. Tragically, the ebb and flow research and practice in visitor showcasing isn’t fix with every one of the progressions. Accordingly, to have another, far reaching and intensive research of visitor advertising is very vital. Mount Emei is one of China’s driving grand spots, and the just a single open organization in Sichuan region. Momentum research of Mount Emei is basically restricted to certain particular parts, lacking complete and significant examination. A far reaching exploration of Mount Emei can not just uncover issues and think of answers for Mount Emei, yet additionally give exercises and experience to other visitor endeavors both in and outside of Sichuan.
The proposal is made out of five parts. The first quickly presents Mount Emei. The second one is a SWOT investigation. With the assistance of the SWOT instrument, the interminable openings, dangers, inward qualities and shortcomings are uncovered.
The third one is centered around fragment advertise investigation. This part breaks down the source territories and conduct of clients, and calls attention to the correct fragment markets of Mount Emei. The accompanying section applies 4Ps device and breaks down the item, valuing, channels and advancement practices, procedures and arrangements.
The last one is a concise finish of all the above investigation. The essayist of this paper alluded to a considerable measure of books and insights. The paper attempts to examine Mount Emei extensively and significantly, keeps away from shallow dialog and limited research blessed messengers, and puts advances some practicable and inventive arrangements and proposals. Ideally, this proposal would be one of those vital reference paper in Mount Emei look into.

•I personally think that every person who lives in China should visit Emeishan at least once in their life or else it will be a great loss for them.

•Hope that those experiences I shared with you can make your trip to Emeishan a comfortable and an un-forgettable one.