Is your Mindset the reason of your success or failure

Is your Mindset the reason of your success or failure? Success and Failure dictates what someone `s mindset is. A person`s mindset is how they view their life. This can be shown through “The Key to Success: Grit” by Angela Lee Duckworth and “Fixed and Growth Mindset” by psychologist Carol Dweck.
Are you eager to learn new things? Are you dedicated to your work? Then you have a growth mindset. A growth mindset is someone that wants to enhance their brain more and is whiling to get through obstacles to reach success. Angela Lee Duckworth a seventh-grade teacher realized most students with higher IQ`s had lower grades and students with lower IQ`s had better grades. Duckworth asked herself who is really successful in this position. She then came up with this theory called Grit. Grit is passion and perseverance for long term goals, work hard to make that future a reality. Duckworth reviewed many industries such as West Point Military Academy, National Spelling Bee, Sales Representatives. In these industries she analyzed those who moved forward or dropped out and found one key component each industry had which was Grit. Duckworth concluded that grit could be developed by having a “growth midset”.