Encoding: It is the process of assembling the message (information, ideas and thoughts) into a representative design with the objective of ensuring that the receiver can comprehend it. It is also the method of translating information into a message which may involve the use of symbols that represent ideas or concepts into coded message that will be communicated. . The symbols here may be language, words or gestures. Feelings, opinion, experiment may be involved. These symbols are used to encode ideas into messages that others can understand.
During the time or period of encoding the message, the sender will have to decide on what he wants to transmit and basically it is always based on what the sender believes about the receiver’s knowledge and assumption along with the additional information the sender wants the receiver to know or have.
It is always advisable that if the sender decides to use the symbols, then they should be meaningful and relevant to the communication and understandable to the recipient or the receiver.