As specified in the earlier essay

As specified in the earlier essay,big data is broadly used by organizations to sort out appropriate clients and target them. It is something that is carried out more often through social media platforms where user activity is analyzed and data about their inclinations are predicted with a specific end goal to publicize and advertise different items and services to them.

The principle objective is to comprehend clients inclinations and behaviors and make a reliable profile of them that can be later used to sort and target them. (Marr, B. 2017)

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The first method of doing this is by extracting data of the client through their social networking bio information, posts and friends. What they do, where they go, with whom they go and so on. The second method for doing this is by making surveys that by implication question the clients inclinations and afterward profiles them. The third method for doing this is by keeping track on the clients various preferences as far as what pages they visit most, what posts do they like and similar.

Albeit social profiling is beneficial to any organization as a whole as it brings down the expenses of acquisition and creates a reliable model, such strategies have their own cons. Regarding pros, quality of information gathered is remarkable, data can be extracted often as client activities increase and simpler access into areas not exactly accessible through other sources are suitable. Be that as it may, the cons incorporate legal aspects. As in, organizations that gather individual information for their utilization without the client’s consent can bring forth legal actions to himself and his company. Likewise, meddling with individuals’ everyday life and accumulating the data of their activities without their insight and profiling them to use them for business matters is not the most ethical thing to do. Also, abuse of information is a thing. Numerous hackers can undoubtedly hack into such information collections that are not very well protected and extract valuable information, for example, credit card information, locations typically visited and so on for wrongful purposes. (Canhoto, A. 2016)

As observed with the Facebook Scandal that occurred recently, it can be taken as a great example that depicts how important of an issue misuse of such critical information can lead to(fortune, 2018). Taking all of this into consideration, the best thing would be to educate the general public about such data collections with the goal that they are more mindful of what they share on the web and request clients consent before using their data for marketing purposes.