Hot Topic

Hot Topic: Employees with Passion
Hot Topic: Employees with Passion
What Makes Hot Topic So Successful As a Retailer? What Makes Them So Popular With Their Employees? How Can They Keep Their Success Going?
Hot Topic Incorporated is a successful retailer, which deals with different products related to the pop culture. These products include T-shirts, clothes, and other accessories music accessories aimed at serving the young market segment. Hot Topic Incorporated has been a successful retailer as they are able to understand the market segmentation, which they serve (Manning, 2014). This includes young individuals in the pop culture, which enables the organization to focus its products to the needs of the specific market segmentation. This is also based on a passion for a concept, which is music and fashion. This inspires the organization to be different from other organizations, which may be focused on financial gains only (Manning, 2014). Hot Topic Incorporated is popular with its employees because they are also concerned with the needs of the customers. Employees are major determinants of the success or failure of organizations (Hsieh, 2013).
Organizations may benefit from this aspect by specifically addressing their needs effectively, which Hot Topic has achieved. The organization caters for most of the needs and interests of their employees, which includes music and fashion (Hsieh, 2013). This encourages and motivates their employees. Employees are also able to associate with other members of the organization since they share the same perspectives and interests, which enable them to connect in different aspects (Hsieh, 2013). The organization also provides benefit packages to the employees for their high performance, which is also an encouraging factor, which builds a good reputation for the organization among its employees. Hot Topic Incorporated can keep their success going by determining any changes in the needs of their customers, which will enable the organization to implement effective measures to address the needs sufficiently (Manning, 2014).
How Does the Idea of No Walls and No Doors in the Corporate Headquarters Encourage the Culture Hot Topic Is Trying To Perpetuate? Do You Think You Would Like To Work In Such An Atmosphere?
The idea of no walls and no doors in the corporate headquarters encourage the culture Hot Topic is trying to perpetuate since this gives the employees an opportunity to express any concerns and issues to the management (Manning, 2014). This creates a platform for open and improved communication, which is important in allowing the members to effectively communicate with one another and solve any issues in the organization. Hot Topic is trying to encourage the employees to be part of the organization by sharing their opinions, which will enable the employees to make positive contributions to the organization (Manning, 2014).
This creates a good environment in the organization, which also leads to unity among the members. Members are able to share new ideas, which play an important role in addressing the changing consumers’ preference (Manning, 2014). Having a strong work force is important in ensuring that an organization maintains a high performance. This atmosphere is conducive for collaborating with other employees without fear. This will also enable me to share my thoughts with other members of the organization who are also ready to provide positive feedback (Manning, 2014). An organization, which creates an environment for its employees to have a passion for what they do, will likely motivate and encourage them in their performance as well as attract other employees who are interested in working for the organization (Hsieh, 2013).

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