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September 22, 2018

Student Id:30338196
ITECH3301 E-Commerce
Assignment 2

1. Proposal Background and Description 3
2. E-commerce business model 3
3. Revenue model 3
4. Network and Communications Infrastructure 3
5. Applications 3
6. Security 3
7. E-marketing Requirements 3
8. Payment system 3
9. Privacy 3
10. Legal issues 3
11. Customer service issues 3
12. Analytics (measurements) 3
13. Mock Up / Example Website 4
14. Recommendations 4
References 5


E-Business model, similar to any business model, depicts how an organization capacities, how it gives an item or administration, how it produces income, and how it will make and adjust to new markets and advancements. It has diverse segments
• E-business concept,
• E-commerce business model(revenue model)
• Network and communication Infrastructure
Hardware and software
• E-marketing
• Security, legal, and customer service
• Analytics (measurement)
• Mock up/ example website)

E-business concept
The e-business idea depicts the basis of the business, its objectives and vision, and items or contributions from which it will win income. An effective idea depends on a market investigation that recognizes clients prone to buy the item and the amount they will pay for it.
Business to business
There are diverse business model connected by various associations to work easily and to make exchanges to determined clients. Among numerous plan of action this business center around b2b ( business to business) plan of action Business to business alludes to business that is directed between organizations, as opposed to between an organization and individual purchasers. Business to business remains as opposed to business to customer (B2C) and business to government (B2G) transactions.
depending upon the business model, a few income sources might be accessible to an e-business. Numerous online organizations will have a three or four of these sources. A blend of income sources is regularly alluded to as an income demonstrate yet might be erroneously called a plan of action. A portion of these wellsprings of income are:
• Agent commissions
• Licensing
• Sales profits
• Sales commissions
• Affiliation
• Advertising
• Sponsorship
• Subscription
• Syndication
• Use Fees
For small and medium-sized (SME) business organizations revenue sources might also include:
• Bonds, usually for capital expenditures
• Taxes, primarily income, property and sales taxes
• Use fees and tolls, commissions etc
Network and communication infrastructure (hardware and software)
Each organization requires a foundation to help its clients and tasks. This includes offices, hardware, and procedures to help all the practical zones of your business. System framework is the equipment and programming assets of a whole system that empower organize availability, correspondence, tasks and administration of a venture arrange. It gives the correspondence way and administrations between clients, forms, applications, administrations and outside systems/the web.

Web Servers; –
Web servers are electrical gadgets known as PCs that open pages on the web. Each web server has an IP address and furthermore on a few events an area name. A case of this is the point at which you compose in a URL in your program it sends a demand to the web server whose space name it is. PCs can be transformed into a web server by introducing server programming and interfacing it to the web.

Browsers; –
Programs are a product application that are utilized to find and access pages. Programs likewise interpret HTMLs which enables us to see pictures, recordings and tune in to sounds on the site and additionally hyperlinks in which enables us to head out from page to page. Programs ask for data from the web servers and after that the web servers show the data required. Precedents of some internet browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Web Wayfarer.
Server Software; –
Server Software is utilized by web engineers predominantly. It’s product that permits web designers to add more site pages to their sites effectively. Without the product it would be a torment attempting to add another site page to an officially made site. The product works through a procedure known as FTP (record exchange convention) this procedure transfers site pages straightforwardly onto a site with no issues.
Web Authoring; –
Web writing empowers a client to build up a site in publishing design. It will initially produce the required HTML for the format of the website page in light of the coveted outline. Any product program that can be utilized to make content that can be transferred and seen on the Internet or intranet organize frameworks is viewed as a web composing instrument.
Database Systems;-
Database frameworks are a group of projects that enable you to store, alter and remove data from the database. Database frameworks are not only one size, contingent upon how huge the frameworks are for instance you will have a little database for a PC yet a vast one in organizations.
It is to protect data from unauthorized access and viruses. There are different security issues like;
• Authentication: auto-process by which one element can checks that another substance is who.
• Authorization: process that guarantees that the individual has the privilege to get to assets.
• Confidentiality: secretly keeping private or delicate data for being revealed to unapproved singular, element and so on.
• Integrity: the capacity to shield information from being changed or crushed by whole access or mischance way.
Types of security threats are
o Denial of service
• Spamming
• Viruses
o Unauthorized access
o Theft and fraud

Types of security
• Encryption
• Decryption
• Cryptography
• Virtual private network
• Digital signature
• Biometric system
• Digital layer security
Encryption is the way toward scrambling a message so that it is troublesome, expecting or tedious for an unapproved individual to scramble it
Unscrambling is the procedure of un scrambling a message so that it is comprehend by unapproved individual.
Cryptography is the procedure of encryption and unscrambling of message or information by utilizing diverse calculation or programming.
Virtual private network(VPN) is a system that utilizations open web to convey data yet stays private by utilizing encryption to scramble the correspondence, confirmation to guarantee that data has not been messed with get to control to check the character of anybody utilizing the system.
Advanced mark is a personality code that can be utilized to confirm the character of the sender of a report.
Biometric framework is a verification framework that personality individual by methods for organic characters like brain science, conduct, voice, unique finger impression and so forth.
Advanced layer security is the another name of secure attachment layer which use standard testament for confirmation and information encryption to guarantee protection of privacy..
E-marketing (Electronic Marketing) are called Internet Marketing, Web Marketing, Digital Marketing, or Online Marketing. E-advertising is the way toward showcasing an item or administration utilizing the Internet. E-advertising incorporates showcasing on the Internet, as well as incorporates promoting done by means of email and remote media. It utilizes a scope of advancements to help associate organizations to their clients
Types of e-marketing
There are several ways in which companies can use internet for marketing. Some ways of e-marketing are:
1. Article marketing
2. Affiliate marketing
3. Video marketing
4. Email marketing
5. Blogging
All these and other methods help a company or brand in e-marketing and reaching customer through the internet.
e-commerce payment system
An e-commerce payment system facilitates the acceptance of electronic payment for online transactions. Also known as a sample of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), e-commerce payment systems have become increasingly popular due to the widespread use of the internet-based shopping and banking. There are different forms of payment for e-commerce transactions like;
• Credit cards
• PayPal
• Direct deposit
• Prepaid card
• Mobile payment
• Bank transfers etc.

A Mastercard is a little plastic card issued by a bank, building society, and so forth., enabling the holder to buy products or administrations using a credit card.
PayPal is an electronic trade (internet business) organization that encourages installments between parties through online supports exchanges. PayPal enables clients to set up a record on its site, which is associated with a client’s Mastercard or financial records.
the electronic exchange of cash starting with one ledger then onto the next is an immediate store.
prepaid card is altogether different from a ledger check card. A financial balance platinum card is connected to your financial records. A prepaid card isn’t connected to a financial records. Rather, you are burning through cash you stacked onto the prepaid card ahead of time
Versatile installment (additionally alluded to as portable cash, versatile cash exchange, and versatile wallet) by and large allude to installment administrations worked under money related direction and performed from or by means of a cell phone.
A bank exchange is when cash is sent starting with one financial balance then onto the next. Exchanging cash from your ledger is generally quick, free and more secure than pulling back and paying in real money. Read on for more data, including how to make a bank exchange and what points of interest you’ll require.

Legal issues:
Legal issue is a problem which is related to the law. There are different legal issues which are concerned with e-commerce business they are;
• Incorporation problem
• Trademark security problem
• Copyright protection issues
• Transaction issues
• Privacy issues

In case a business isn’t merged then it is a basic issue. Any purchase and offering development related to things will be seen as unlawful and we can’t ensure right in case of any distortion and pollution.
Not getting your trademark anchored is one of the rule real issues in the field of electronic business. Since trademark is association’s logo and picture, the depiction of business wherever all through the web, it must be guaranteed.
While distributing content for internet business site, utilizing substance of some other organization can be a serious lawful issue. This may stamp a conclusion to the e-business. In this way, duplicate right insurance is taken as one of the legitimate issue.
Exchange law is administered by Australian shoppers law for the situation the guidelines aren’t tailed, one can get into genuine law infringement issues. In the event that business neglects to give clear and finish depiction of the item, cost and buy subtle elements, data about conveyance i.e. at the point when the client will get items and other data identified with trade and discounts, the ACL can force punishments on business.
security is the significant issue that can make issues both for the business and clients. Customers share data with organizations on the web and they anticipate that the merchants will keep their data classified. By only one minor error and spillage of significant data of a client lose potential client as well as picture and notoriety will turn into a question mark.
Privacy and business ethics and its issues:
Internet privacy is the privacy and security level of personal data published via the Internet. It is a broad term that refers to a variety of factors, techniques and technologies used to protect sensitive and private data, communications, and preferences.
Business ethics (also known as corporate ethics) is a form of applied ethics or professional ethics, that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that can arise in a business environment. These norms, values, ethical, and unethical practices are what is used to guide business.
B2B Privacy issues:
Unauthorized access to its sensitive information about business’s proprietary systems, customer names, operations, pricing and deal terms, financial condition and other competitive transaction information might occurs.
B2C Privacy issues:
Customer perspective: This e-commerce environment is often a “one-way mirror effect”. Businesses usually ask customers to provide personal information, but customers have little knowledge about how their information will be used and protected.
Business Perspective: An understanding of customers’ privacy concerns is crucial for learning how and what personal information is collected, identify the confidential information and provide solutions to secure each customer’s confidential information.
C2C Privacy issues:
C2C websites (, enable the sale and purchase of products and services between individual customers. Individual customers frequently buy and sell products and provide private information to complete the transaction. It is the prime
responsibility of the C2C e-commerce provider to implement necessary security policies to protect the private information from exchanging between customers and the exchange occurs only under the agreed policies.
Ethical issues:
• Web Spoofing
Web spoofing is an electronic deception relates to the Internet. It occurs when the attacker sets up a fake website which almost totally same with the original website in order to lure consumers to give their credit card number or other personal information.

• Cyber-Squatting
Cyber-squatting is an activity which a person or firm register, purchase and uses the existing domain name belong to the well-known organization for the purpose of infringing its trademarks.

• Privacy Invasion :
This issue is related to consumer. The privacy invasion occur when the personal details belong to consumers are exposed to the unauthorized party.
• Online Piracy
The online piracy can be defined as unauthorized copyright of electronic intellectual property such as e-books, music or videos. This unethical activity occurs when the Internet users use the software and hardware technology in an illicit manner to transfer the electronic intellectual property over the Internet.
• Email Spamming
E-mail spamming, also known as unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE) involves using e-mail to send or broadcast unwanted advertisement or correspondence over the Internet. The individual who spam their e-mail usually called spammer.

Customer service issues:
Client benefit is the way toward guaranteeing consumer loyalty with an item or administration. Frequently, client benefit happens while playing out an exchange for the client, for example, making a deal or restoring a thing. Client administration can appear as an in-person association, a telephone call, self-benefit frameworks, or by different means. some significant client benefit issue looked by web based business are;
An absence of Online Identity Verification:
• At the point when a guest visits a web based business site and joins, the entry is uninformed of the client with the exception of the data he/she entered. The client is honest to goodness or not is faulty.
• Maintaining customer’s loyalty:
Costumer loyalty is always first in priorities because even though your website is well-designed and done properly its hard if your costumer cant trust your bussiness
• The headache of product return and refund
At the point when the item is returned, because of at all reason, regardless of whether a client was disappointed or the item was harmed, the business endures an overwhelming loss of shipment and notoriety. The battle of contending on cost and dispatching

• Competing against retailers and manufacturers:
Many online stores bulk buy products wholesale from manufacturers or distributors to sell that in retail from their online store. This is the basic business model for online stores.
• Problem of Data Security:
Security issues over the web can lead to nightmare. Fraudsters post lot of spam and they may attack the web host server and infect all websites with viruses. They can get access to all your confidential data about your customer’s phone number, card details etc.

Analytics (measurement/metrics)
Metric in business is a quantifiable measure businesses use to track, monitor and assess the success or failure of various business processes. … This often requires the input of key stakeholders in the business as to which metrics matter to them.
• Bottom line net profit:
The bottom line is a company’s income after all expenses have been deducted from revenues. These expenses include interest charges paid on loans, general and administrative costs and income taxes. A company’s bottom line can also be referred to as net earnings or net profits.
• Conversion Rate of Visitors:
All websites are created with an intention, whether it is sales, lead generation or communication. However, if your site is not constructed in a way that encourages or allows visitors to complete the desired actions, then you aren’t gaining anything from having the site.
• Engagement of Email Subscribers :
Email campaigns are great for bringing back former customers and targeting new ones with special promotions and sales.
• Mobile Users :
Everyone knows by now that more and more users access the web through mobile devices and tablets. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have a mobile version of your site separate from your desktop version
Mock up

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