As a parent

As a parent, we want the best education for our children. Personal bias may play a key role in what school you decide for your child(ren) to attend. Due to the many places my family stayed because of where we were stationed, DODEA public schools for my (now adult) sons was our only option. I was also the product of public education, back when I attended school there was no option where my siblings and I attended. The schools we attended depended on the district we lived in, paying for private school was never an option and there were no charter schools then. My paper will cover such issues as the public-school environment, teaching qualifications, funding, and why this institution is such an important and lasting part of the community.
Public school environment

Public schools provide a more cultural, real-world experience for students. Parents love the proximity of a public school and the sense of community it brings. The diversity and socialization it provides students that attend is important as well. The physical environment of school buildings and school grounds is a key factor in the overall health and safety of students, staff, and visitors.
Qualifications for teachers
Public school teachers must have a bachelor’s degree and are state-certified or are working towards certification. Certification means that a teacher has gone through the training required by the state, which includes student teaching and coursework. Don’t assume public school teachers are less capable than those at private schools.

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Public schools rely on federal, state, and local tax dollars, because of this funding can be cut. Major funding cuts several years ago resulted in schools having to lift class size limits to accommodate students with the faculty the school system could still afford to keep (Chen, 2017). However, most neighborhood schools continue to have strong partnerships with the community and when the call for resources are needed, the community bands together to help with donations and fundraising efforts.

Colonists established public schools in the early 1600s, with the founding of the Boston Latin School in 1635. By the time of the American Revolution, colonies like Georgia were partially funding public grammar schools (Admin, 2013)
Public Opinion

Public schools must serve every child in a community, kids get to know other kids from every corner of their community, not just the same religion or social class. Public education provides more opportunities and offers every child in the community a chance at an education.
Laws and guidelines
Public schools must follow state guidelines on what they can teach, and children are evaluated.
Public schools must accept every child in its district and must offer children with disabilities a “free and appropriate public education” (Pascual, 2018). Funding problems have forced many public schools to reduce teaching staffs and cut back on classes that are outside the state’s core curriculum, such as music and arts (Pascual, 2018).
Who is served?

Two out of every five students at a public school come from a racial minority (Pascual, 2018). Regardless of circumstance, income level or social status, ALL kids can be educated. Public schools must serve every child in a community.


Public schools must follow state guidelines that outline teaching standards and testing procedures. A school that has not met state goals for two consecutive years is called a “School in Need of Improvement” (SIN). This designation means that the school will not receive any extra help to improve its standing.
Technology and innovation

Public schools rely heavily on grants, federal and state funding, partnership and even donations to secure the necessary resources to help create an exceptional learning and technology-rich learning environment for every child that attends.

Public education offers every child in the community a chance at an education. Without a free public education system available for everyone, those who are born without money and power never will have a chance to make their lives better by developing new knowledge and skills (Niles, 2011). Any student can get a good education in any school setting, it takes involved parents and the student’s desire to want to learn. Public schools are not free, you pay with your tax dollars. You pay whether you send your child there or not, if you choose to pay for private school on top of public school, you’re paying a lot.