Four wheelers or dirt bike

Four wheelers or dirt bike.What one would u prefer to ride. If i had to choose which one to ride i would say four wheelers. I believe that four wheelers are much safer for people to ride. I believe that four wheelers are much faster than dirt bikes. I also think that four wheelers looks way better than dirt bikes because the four wheelers are much bigger that way to can add for things on fourwheelers like colors, rims, radio and much more.

Four Wheelers are safer than dirt bike more than 23,000 children and teens have been hurt due to dirt bike accidents.If i had to recommend parents which one to get a i would gladly tell them four wheelers. Four wheelers have four wheels and a dirt bike only have two. To ride a dirt bike you have to know how to keep your balance and not fall off going 100 mph an hour. If you going 100 mph on a four wheelers you have a least likely to fall off because you have four wheelers you riding on. When riding a four wheeler or a dirt bike you must be wearing a helmet. If you are riding a four wheeler u do not want to ride by yourself because anything can happen like a accident, running out of gas,or even get lost.

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To most people they would say that four wheelers are safer than dirt bikes. But while doing my research I have found that the deaths on four wheelers is much higher than dirt bikes. The true is that dirt bikes are safer for you because if you get in a accident on a four wheelers that 1,000 pound four wheeler could keep rolling over you. But by getting a four wheeler if it snows or of ice sticks on the ground you can still ride your four wheeler you want be able to do that with your dirt bike. When trying to decide which you cost the most it will be the four wheelers because they can be used on farms for lodging fertilizer and carrying tools.

Some of the different types of four wheelers are Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and much more.After doing my research i would say that buying a four wheeler is good for when it snows or doing things on farm even if they are expensive. After I have learned that dirt bikes do not cost as much as four wheelers do. I would say dirt bikes would be the choice after you see the prices and how many people haven’t been in a dirt bike accident it was shocking.