Advertisement designs’ another service that is offered by the advertising agency

Advertisement designs’ another service that is offered by the advertising agency. In this service, the advertising agency would plan the copyrights, graphic designs and typography in order to design the most suitable and a very effective and attractive advertisement for the company. They would also have to ensure they negotiate effectively with their clients to use their copyright pictures or slogans as it could lead to the advertising agency being sued for using a business’ logo without their permission. The advertising agency would have to ensure they keep the brand value in mind and ensure the design is suitable for the brand. This is one of the key to a successful promotional campaign for any business, including Nike as people would look at the design and have an image of how well presented and professional the business may be.
Another service offered by the advertising agency is the public relations. Public relations would help the company to build more awareness to the public and the positive effects of the business which is the key to a more successful and fast growing business. Public Relations’ used through social networking; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many other famous networking sites which are very popular and used by nearly all age groups. Nowadays, people also use the internet for entertainment, work and also to revise, which would mean that putting up advertisements around the internet would be a good boost for the company.