Who are they

Who are they?:
Amazon is an American electronic commerce And computing company, they sell a range of products globally.
Amazon sells products such as clothing, electronics, books and health/beauty products, kindle, DVD’s, etc. Products are available for all types of gender and age. The products of amazon are divided into different categories, such as electronic devices and media content. An example of a specific product sold at amazon would be the amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa voice remote, it has over 28,000 reviews. This product would go under the electronics category, so that customers can easily find the product they are looking for. In the year 2017, amazon sold 2.7 billion products worldwide. The products are purchased via the website. Another common product sold on amazon is Alexa or echo speakers. Amazon’s products receive a lot of customer reviews, so that other customers can give their opinions/reviews on the product that they had purchased, whether it is good or bad to use and if they would recommend it to other customers who are buying the product for the first time
Asos sells a wide range of products and services. they sell products for men and women, which may include clothing, footwear and accessories including several other branded products. The company launches 5000 new products on its website every week, with over 850 brands. The company is stocked with around 85,000 products at all times. An example of a specific product that is sold at asos is Adidas Originals adicolor T-Shirt, which is designed for men. It is a product amongst the top 10 products of asos. Although asos is an online retailer, they sell similar products to in store retailers such as new look and H&M. Asos sell products of high quality at low affordable costs. Asos promotes their products effectively as they use vision tools such as the 360 degree view of the products that are sold on the website, also they use videos and pictures to enhance the quality of the products. Asos are known for selling celebrity outfits that customers would want to buy. Asos attracts over 5.2 million visitors per month .
Amazon uses pricing strategies to attract customers, an example of one pricing strategy that is used by amazon is that they purchase products of manufacturers but sell them cheaper on the website, they sell the product around 20-25% cheaper than the market. Prices can be refined by customers, which means they can purchase products from within their price range. Amazon uses a pricing strategy known as cost leadership. Amazons strategy is to lower the prices frequently until they beat competitors for all products.