Are you wondering about how to create website

Are you wondering about how to create website?

If yes, with this step-by-step guide for bloggers to business owners – you can make a website with easy!

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I wrote this FREE step-by-step guide to help anyone – from new bloggers to business owners and brands – make their own websites without having to learn to code. 

This awesome guide will definitely help you build your new website, just by doing it yourself – easily!

Here’s why you’ll surely love this FREE website setup, step-by-step guide:
I’ve made this guide For BEGINNERS! 

The guide is very detailed, but pretty much easy to follow – even if you are not very technical.

The guide is ‘Up-to-Date’ and complete!

Other website building guides may be outdated or misleading. But, i update this guide on regular basis.

The guide is platform specific (WordPress).

That ensures, your website will be set-up in the right way on the right platform to meet all your needs.

If you face any problem, you can ask help!

I would be more than happy to get you answers to your questions and clear up any doubts you might have.

3 Quick Steps in this Website Building Guide
You’ll be able to learn how to…

Choose a website building platform

Choose your website address (www.)

Set up & customize your website

Just follow the steps given below to get started with making your own website by yourself – without need to learn to code.

If you want to quickly build a good, mobile-friendly and fully responsive website, you will need to choose a platform (also known as a Content Management System).

What does “Content Management System” mean?
A content management system (or website building platform) is a user-friendly platform for building websites and managing your own online content instead of using a lot of HTML pages.

Before the content management system (or CMS), most websites were built using HTML, CSS, and Flash. Those were tricky, and took a lot of time to learn and master.

That’s why people still think it’s really difficult to create website from scratch, or it requires a lot of coding and designing skills. But that’s not true anymore! 

Today, a content management system like WordPress has made it really very simple and accessible to anyone to wonderfully create website from a scratch.

In short, a content management system is an application that enables you to create and manage the content of your own website – easily! 

The World’s Most Popular Website Building Platforms
As per recent statistics by Wappalyzer, WordPress is market leader, the most popular content management system (77%), followed by Joomla (7%), and Drupal (5%).

Market Leaders in Content Management System

This shows how people make their website using WordPress
Here’s why using WordPress is most recommend to build your website.
WordPress Vs. HTML (Code) and CSS: It takes more than 6 months to learn HTML, CSS, and PHP from scratch. Mastering the basics of HTML can help you evaluate things faster, but if you want to create website in a day or two, learning HTML is not a good option.

WordPress Vs. Website Builders: Website builders are great, but they are quite expensive and often very limited with features. They could be helpful for single-page websites, but not more!

WordPress Vs. Joomla Vs. Drupal: Joomla is similar to WordPress and works great for online e-commerce stores, but you need at least some technical coding skill to make it work the way you want.  While, Drupal is a powerful platform, popular among web developers and experienced coders, that makes it a bad choice for beginners.

For beginners, sticking with WordPress is highly recommend.
You must know WordPress is the most easiest platform you’ll ever find, because it is flexible enough for everyone from a blogger, to a freelancer, to a creative artist, and a small business owner, etc.

Things you should do before the next step
Before going to next step, choose a platform to build your website. That’s why sticking to WordPress is highly recommended, as it is free and easy to understand. In this guide, you’ll see how it is easy to create website using WordPress.

You don’t need to download or install anything, at this point. You’ll see everything about creating a website in next steps.

Before setting up your WordPress site (or any other type of website), you are required to have two things:

A Domain Name (a web address like
A Web Hosting Service (that connects your website to the Internet).
You know, WordPress website building platform is free. However, the domain name and web hosting service will cost you around $3 to $5 a month, which is less than a cup of coffee.

Getting your own domain name looks far more professional than creating your website on someone else’s domain (like, and it’s quite affordable, as-well.

Having your web hosting will make sure your website will load quickly, and won’t have an issue of downtime for hours (which is very important for people who visits your web-pages)

Where can You get a FREE Domain Name and Web Hosting Service?
Most of the web developers, bloggers, and small-businesses use as a web hosting service and domain name registrar.

They are widely recommended, because they have really affordable service with good customer support, and they are currently offering domain names for free – so it’s worth trying them out.

When you get your domain name, you will also have a personal email account ([email protected]) which is by-far more professional than a popular Yahoo, Gmail, or MSN email address.

And, if you already got a domain name and hosting? Moving on to step 3, you will be explained how to set up your own website using your existing domain name.