Louie was a difficult child growing up

Louie was a difficult child growing up. Louie’s life took a positive turn when his brother Pete believed that he could make something of himself. Louie had to accept this belief and think that there might be something better for himself, this led Louie to be a excellent runner and eventually made it as a olympic runner in the Berlin Olympics. His reputation after that shifted from bad to good and continually focused on how he could be better.
When World War II began, Louie became an airman. In May, he boarded on a journey that led him to a flight or fight situation. On that evening he and the other men were shooting at other planes, and they lost. They disappeared into the Pacific Ocean after crashing, leaving behind only blood, oil, and gas. Louie survived the plane crash and struggled to pull himself aboard the raft and later came with hungry sharks circling, starvation, and thirst.
After the crash, three survivors were later reduced to two, Louie and Phil. The two survivors drifted miles on a raft that was leaky and survived a couple Japanese air attacks. Louie and Phil was later captured by the Japanese forces and put into the Japanese prisoner of war camps. Louie was beaten and humiliated in the prisoners camo by the Japanese. One of the Japanese named Mutsuhiro Watanabe (The Bird) was doing most of the humiliation to Louie.