While watching the film Through Deaf Eyes my overall reaction was that deaf people had a hard and unfair life when compared to hearing people

While watching the film Through Deaf Eyes my overall reaction was that deaf people had a hard and unfair life when compared to hearing people, despite how far as a society we have come today as accepting people, cultures, and characteristics today, back then was a different time. Even now there is so much to be done now are far as equality for all people. Deaf people had to and still must work and fight to try to have the same advantages and be ultimately be treated equal as hearing people and be accepted for who they are. Not being seen only as deaf, but as a person with feelings, thoughts, and a voice who deserves to be heard, who is also deaf.
My reaction to the Deaf publications videotapes was mixed. Throughout the film, clips of a variety of Deaf people would recall events they have experienced during their lives. Some joyful such as former Gallaudet students remember the protest known as “DPN” or Deaf President Now and when Dr. Elizabeth Zinser finally resigned after a week of protests, press conferences, campus take over, and the shutdown of classes. Among other stories that were not as positive. For example, when an older gentleman recalls when he was a young boy, going to the doctors and they would stick rubber plugs in his ears as the physician slowly increases the heat to “cure” his deafness. The fact that people thought deafness HAD to be cured as if it were a bad thing, baffled me. It is a part of who you are, thinking that someone would want to change you because they are uncomfortable with something you cannot control!
Hearing the stories and experiences of what people had to go through just for being deaf made me question the good in people. Even though most of these experiences are from back in the day, how could people stand by and accept what is happening to deaf people? They were discriminated against. Thought as though they could not be taught, that they were lower in status all because they could not hear. Then Deaf President Now happened and it shows you the strength and courage, that a group of individuals could come together and expresses what they believe in is right and will not stand down to the higher power. Watching clips of reporters interviewing the Gallaudet students screamed power. They stood strong in what they believed in and told the media what Gallaudet University needs and that was a Deaf President and they would not back down.
While watching and thinking about this film, what impacted me the most is the DPN Movement. Seeing and hearing about hundreds of young lives push for what they believe is right and fight for it, shows that anyone despite having the odds stacked against them shows that anyone can do anything if they set their mind to it.