When people hear the words “natural disasters

When people hear the words “natural disasters,” they are reminded of the terrible things that have happened because of them. In spite of that, these devastating situations have been around for hundreds of years. It’s almost as if natural disasters are like cockroaches, you can’t get rid of them. Earthquakes, floods, forest fires, and tsunamis are examples of natural disasters, which have some good effects on places. I believe that most natural disasters are caused by the environment but are manipulated by us humans. jhnpdfjsdhpfuhsdfosdiuhfs0d fhdzosh do nnh oresnfidsfgisdf sdf bdjsh fbd hhf hff f f f f fd bf sdjfh hfsd hf sdfohdsb fhsdfhdbfjhbd f dhbh bf fbfb b fbf fhhd fbdhb f f fb fdkb ds lhbdf jbsdo ghbsdo bfd f odf goij dfhgoifhd goidfhgdfjklgdlgjf