Wireless communication is essential following natural disasters

Wireless communication is essential following natural disasters, which is why the Verizon Wireless network team prepares year-round to ensure a strong performance during difficult times. This makes it possible for their customers and employees to communicate with their friends and families. The organization’s goal is to provide full and open communication with their customer, employees, and investors. Through these values and CSR, Verizon has found ways to address natural disaster relief. The organizations responded to recent surges in natural disasters in a plethora of ways.
After Hurricane Irma, Verizon offered data relief for customers in areas impacted. The area included Puerto Rico, Florida and the Dominican Republic. Verizon Wireless also offered free wireless and landline calling. In addition, to free text messaging to Mexico following the devastating earthquake. Furthermore, showing their efforts in regards to the issue by showing monetary support. Donating $10 million to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort. In to process, keeping customers in Houston connected. Allowing them to find help during the storm. When disaster strikes whether it be a hurricane, tornados or other natural disasters. Verizon understands that wireless communications are critical for both our first responders and residents alike. During a natural disaster, Verizon immediately positions cross-functional teams to support first responders and communications services for citizens in affected areas. The company has established a nationwide network of Verizon Crisis Response Teams, or VCRTs, which is a network of thousands of highly trained individuals who provide much needed wireless and connectivity support throughout a natural disaster. Amongst these services, appreciated initiatives such as the Verizon communications trailers. Provides access to the internet, recharging services, and other emergency supplies. Verizon has partnered with the Red Cross and other Federal and Local government agencies to assist with repair and restoration efforts. These partnerships are vital for Verizon in repairing or replacing equipment that has been damaged due to natural disasters. Which included thousands of, cable transmission lines, telephone pole switches, and other electrical damages. Life can be very unpredictable, it hard to expect what life is going to throw at you next. Any given situation could mean using extra data that you weren’t planning to. Communication is important in the aftermath of catastrophic events. The organization’s successful implanting programs help relief talk, text and data charges to customers in the impacted locations, so they can stay connected when it matters most.