The world is full of natural disasters

The world is full of natural disasters: hurricanes, flooding, and so on which leads to the destruction of homes and the lives of people in them. The Midwest Food Bank, established 2003, has organized an effort to alleviate food shortages by providing food to the people who lives in needing areas. In addition to providing nutritional aid for disasters in the U.S., Midwest Food Bank also provides support for countries abroad during their disasters or economic downturns. These packages aim to support the millions of households and individuals, including children, who struggle to get enough nutritious food in their diet. As a group we wanted to be part of this organization to make a difference in the communities.
According the Midwest Food Bank, in the U.S. alone some 41.2 million people, including 6.5 million children, live in households that do not meet minimum nutrition intake standards. These individuals are not always just the poor and can also be found above the poverty line. Clearly, this is a dire scenario and the groups looking to support ending hunger are not delivering just a few boxes to poor areas. Hunger has become a national issue, and non-profits like Midwest Food Bank allow volunteers like Team Cactus to become part of the solution. Our group recognizes that hunger, especially in childhood, is extremely disruptive to mental and physical function. Therefore, we reason that packing food boxes gives every hungry person individual a chance to be successful and their best self later in life.
Midwest Food Bank creates hope. Through donations and the hard work of volunteers,