People living in developed countries rarely worry about next meal because they have food security

People living in developed countries rarely worry about next meal because they have food security. However people living in under develop or developing countries are mostly food insecure. Food security is the constant access of reliable and nutritious supply of food, and his security can only be achieved when food is available, accessible, and used appropriately. Today, one of the major challenges the world is experiencing related to food security is climate change and the effects of climate change include change in rainfall patterns, increasing scarcities, increase in natural disasters and mainly rising temperature. Climate change is important for the growth of the raw foods because climate affects the type of crops grow in a particular area. The growth of the most of the important crops like rice, wheat, corn and etc. are solely depends on temperature and precipitation because if the temperature and precipitation is too low or too high for the growth of specific crop, it will either not grow properly or not grow at all which will lead to the scarcity of the food. The climate changes also influence the water resources and gradually affected the water cycle, which greatly impacted the scarcity of safe and clean water throughout. Moreover, the frequency of droughts is also mainly depends on the climate change such as less water from irrigation; crops will not survive due to extreme heat or cold. As a result of these droughts the price of the food or the nutritional things that are basis of healthy survival are increasing, and making the food much more inaccessible to most of the people or making it insufficient to provide for all. Therefore, this extreme pressure on agriculture and significantly increasing problems related to agriculture threatens the ability of the world to meet its food production and requirement. One of the major factors that are contributed to these climate changes is green house gases such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The excessive burning of fossil fuels, largely by industries plays a major rule in the climate change. The effect of the release of these harmful gases on earth is like a tub filled with water, as we are liberating more and more harmful gases in the atmosphere than ozone can absorb. As a result, the atmosphere of the earth is getting warmer or less suitable for survival day-by-day, decreasing the ability of the world to fulfill its production need. The climate change is not only dangerous for food security, but also putting us on threat of numerous uncertain natural disasters like flood, intense storms and severe droughts. Furthermore, these uncertain and intense natural disasters will make the job more difficult to fulfill the needs of production. As a part of this world we need to think or I would say rethink about the impact of the harmful gases especially carbon dioxide on climate change and food security while liberating it into the atmosphere because if it continues like today it will make the food security to become much more difficult to achieve.