We have come long a way ahead leaving behind analog world

We have come long a way ahead leaving behind analog world. Digital world has progressed in leaps and bounds based on the solid foundation provided by the miraculous advancements in science and technology in the digital sector. Each and every sector has embraced digital transformation in one way or other.

Digital Transformation is the transformation of the way business is being done getting away from the traditional ways to working more in tanden with todays digital way using latest technology. This includes revamping the business strategy, business operations, creation of products, marketing approach by using digital technologies.
This helps businesses and organizations increase sales and accelerate growth in less time than what was required in traditional way of doing business.

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This digital business strategy involves and not limited to various business accelartion avenues like going paperless, enabling complete digitization of processes, automation of manual processes, merging of manual and computerized operations, mass communcations using various digital processes, using digital tech like mobiles, GPS, cameras, various sensors etc.

While the impact of this on businesses has been varied, many organizations are struggling to realise the full potential of this new era of digital technologies and its apt use in traforming their traditional business.
The world over, while business processes are undergoing great change making progress in the adoption of digitisation, even advanced economies like North America and Europe are struggling to exploit the full potential of digitisation.

While there are many companies making a claim to having profound knowledge and experience in the field of digital transformation, its often seen they lack the experience in the different spheres of digitization like User Experience, IOT, Engineering, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and so on.

From my view Infosys Digital encompasses all the above spheres of Digital Transformation in its bucket of offerings providing end-to-end digital transformation solutions right from not only identifying the problem but also providing the best in class solution using the latest digital trends and technology minimizing manual efforts, accelerating growth to meet the rapidly, ever-evolving business goals and strategies. Infosys Digital has truly upgraded itself to identify itself from its established identify of being a provider of tech services and maintenance to an organization who has created path breaking and amazing solutions in the field of UX, IOT, Mobility, Digital Operations, Customer Experience, Omnichannel and more comprising of solutions that help its customer realize their dream of being truly on a total digital platform through digital transformation.