Topic: The Students’ test scores should be a part of the teacher evaluation or the teachers should not be evaluated using the student’s test scores?
In my opinion, Students’ test scores should not be a part of the teacher evaluation. I think various things do matter for a student’s success. Do not you think the above question does not include parents as it should? No two students gain the same level of parental help. School factors like program materials, class sizes, tutorial time, computers, books, and learning resources are just more reasons. I think that Individual student needs, abilities, health, and attendance are other important reasons. Some people assert that it is unfair to assess teachers based on the students’ test scores. Tests are unreliable measures of Teacher Performance. Students have various deficiencies and abilities. Tests focus to measure skills. The problem comes when these data used to analyze each student and teacher. Many researchers argue that a teacher’s record of promoting the accomplishment remains the strongest single predictor of the accomplishment gains of their future students. There are some opposing viewpoints according to which the Students’ test scores should be a part of teacher evaluation. Many scholars assert that both teachers and students should be checked by test scores. Across the country, college system is the unit reinventing the ways they check and give feedback. Perceiving the specialized and sensible limitations of what investigate scores will duplicate, we tend that adjustment in investigating scores should be used as a piece of an extensive arrangement of the reason for an educator applies. Teachers’ average scores might vary yearly. This argument misses the points as follows: many teachers are labeled as effective or ineffective, because of unreliable and erratic results. The huge number of new exams required to produce student scores used to judge all teachers such as standardized tests. To check the teachers and principal quality and effectiveness, we have to use multiple measures based on school and classroom evidence. Insufficiency and invalidity of applied statistical controls of checks are other issues showing that the opposing viewpoint is unreliable.